Easton EC90SL Carbon Clincher

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by wpccrunner

Looking into getting a set of EC90SL Carbon Clinchers (38mm rims) but there are not many reviews out there, that I have found.

Has anyone ridden these wheels, and if so what are your thoughts? Link in case you're curious...
http://www.eastoncycling.com/en-us/road ... m-clincher

Some questions:
Actual weights? Easton claimed at 1530g
How is the braking? and brake track?
Durability? broken spokes, hubs, bearings, etc

Seeing I can get the set for about $1k, what other options are out there in 30-60mm clinchers with similar performance, price and weight?

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by HugoDrax

Based off of what I have seen on the forums and what I have picked up working in shops there are a large number of Easton haters in the world. While I have not ridden those wheels I did just pick up some barely used Reynolds Assualt 46mm deep carbon clinchers for $675 shipped (Ebay) that have basically DT Swiss 240s hubs and weigh in at 1480 grams. So, I would say you could make a way better investment, imho. Enjoy whatever you choose!

by Weenie

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I have a set of these wheels on my Trek Madone.
They are reasonably light and the claimed weight numbers are accurate.
My wheelset has about 700km on them without any issues thus far. I,m 200lbs and ride mostly flats to rolling hills.
They are staying true and roll really well.


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by wiRIDEfast

I have a set of the tubular. I know it is not the same as the clincher, but at the time that I got the wheelset it was the best wheelset I had ever ridden. Since then I have ridden better wheels but all the better wheels came with a higher pricetag.

If you have wheel building experience and the time you could build a wheelset that is just as good or better for the same price or cheaper.

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by nlouthan

I used to have a set. I managed to melt the rear wheel at Levi's Gran Fondo 2011. Up until that point, I really liked them. They seemed to roll smooth and stayed true for the 6 months or so that I had them. Braking in the dry was fine, definitely not equal to an aluminum rim, but I quickly got used to it. Braking in the wet was useless. Earlier in the day at the Fondo, I was brake levers to the bars in the wet and could barely stop.

If you don't ride in the rain and don't go down steep descents, the EC90SL is a nice set of wheels. In the rain or the steeps, they are not the answer. Easton replaced the melted wheel under warranty and then I sold them.

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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

In that price range, I think your better off going with a nice alloy clincher. That way, you wouldn't have to be too worried if you have a long descent to rally or if it starts drizzling a bit.

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by wpccrunner

thanks for all the replies.

I should have included this info in the original post:
I live in South Florida so there will be no descending on these wheels, although there will most likely be rain. Also, I plan to build a nice set of ~1300 Alu clinchers to use if it does rain, or when i go vacation to places of potential climbing/descending, as I might be going to the North Carolina mountains for spring break and plan on taking my bike if I do, and possibly a summer internship somewhere with hills.

Also considering the EC90 Aero 56mm Clincher, or any similar suggestions others may have.
Or maybe, a 38mm front 56mm rear. It does get pretty windy down here (30-40 mph gusts) so I'm thinking a shallower front may be better for riding in the crosswinds. I am 6'1'' 165lbs so I do occasionally get blown around a bit in the higher wind gusts.

What other suggestions does anyone have in the 40mm-60mm range

Thanks again.

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by Biplrsaba

My best all around race wheel and the set I consider my go to wheels. No outstanding problems with lots of training/race miles. Serviced regularly. Highly recommend Easton wheels especially more powerful body types.

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by Grill

I just bought Reynolds Attacks for much less. They're lighter, stiff, and the breaking is as good as my Elites (in the dry, haven't tried wet). Haven't noticed any stability issues even in heavy wind and I'm not that heavy (165lbs).

by Weenie

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by nlouthan

In your case (OP), I think the EC90SL would be a great choice. The only reason I sold them was because I wanted a single do-all wheelset. If I hadn't abused them, I would still have them on my bike.

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