Veloflex Corsa tread direction

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by chiltonp

Trying to mount a pair of these right now, (an excercise in futility). There seems to be a minor variation in tread direction. Should the veloflex logo go on the drive side?

Gawd I hope these stretch, already went through 2 tubes. Going to let them stretch for a bit before trying again.

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by weeracerweenie

They are annoying to get on, i would suggest letting them stretch over night before trying to get a tube in. I run the logos drive side though i believe there is no correct or in correct way to put them on (direction wise) otherwise they would come with mounting instructions?
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by Weenie

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by chiltonp

thanks, i appreciate it.

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by GASer

I used a hair dryer to relax them a bit before mounting. Apparently became impossible to mount without using tire levers opposed to instructions.

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by fdegrove


If the tyre has a logo on one side only then the logo goes on the driveside. It's just a convention, nothing more.

The thread pattern on the side of the center should have the arrow pointing in the drive direction. Again either direction should have very little to no effect on grip.

As for mounting Veloflex tyres, why no try some soapy water or talcum powder if you can't push the over the rim side by hand. If you must use levers use unbreakable plastic ones (such as these yellow Michelin ones) and be gentle on the bead.
These are kevlar beads molded (folded actually) in rubber and they can stretch a bit.
Once overstretched however these stretched areas can let a latex inner tube worm its way out upon which it will explode with a loud bang.
That plus the increased risk that the tyre will come off the rim immediately after it has lost pressure due to a puncture.
Not pretty when you're doing a high speed descent....

Ciao, ;)
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by Nismo4x4

I mounted mine with the logo on the drive side, no problems so far.
I don't understand everyone having such a hard time with these tires. They took no more effort than any other tire I've used and definitely did not require the aid of levers, talc or soapy water. Running them on 2012 Shamal Ultra's.

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by IcedHalo

The tyre tread is directionless as far as I'm aware.

They are an absolute PITA to mount- the hardest tyre so far I've ever had to mount (I'm on Reynolds carbon wheels). I have the newer 2012 version (in 23mm, the old one was 22mm). They are VERY tight new.

My tips:
- use talcum powder or a bit of very soapy water to lubricate the tube/tyre interface
- leave them in the sun to soften a bit (or use a hairdryer) before mounting
- use a strong pair of garden gloves with rubber grip to help mount the tyres (for extra grip/power and to save your thumbs!)

I would suggest not using tyre levers if you can help it as I managed to ruin 2 tubes doing it that way- I'm sure its possible you just have to be very careful.

In the end, I found it extremely hard to get the tyre fully onto the front wheel, so I installed a tube 3/4 of the way, and inflated to 120PSI to "stretch" out the tyre carcass overnight. This made it easier to fully mount the tyre the next day.

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by martinSL

The tread (not the center but the sides) does not look identical in both directions. In case it is meant to channel the water to outside the logo-on-drive-side is the correct way.
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by Andrew69

Ive had trouble in the past mounting vittoria evo corsas on several wheels and found the best solution to be thinner rim tape.
Went from breaking tyre levers to be able to mount easily with just a change of rim tape.

Plus its lighter!

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by michel2

When in doubt inside out !!
Sorry i had to but i spoted bradley wiggings ridding them with the logo on drive side , must be the way to go !!(;

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by rc32

As mentioned here previously...put the logos on the drive side of the bike. This follows convention (maybe this started out of the need to make them stand out on drive side bicycle pictures).

And also, the direction of the tread should not make a difference. On road tires, there is very little (if any effect) of tread in channeling water...from what I recall ( I think I saw the whole explanation in Sheldon Brown's site one time), it is virtually impossible to hydroplane using road tires.

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by dereksmalls

I'm running Corsa 22mm on Enve 45 rims. I can get them on and off with no tire levers and logos on the drive side.

by Weenie

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