Chainrings for my Dura-Ace SRM to wotk with 11speed DA 9000?

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by snorre

Hi all, and merry christmas!
Any opinions on whitch chainrings to buy for my somewhat old Dura-Ace SRM, when I'll be running the new 11-speed Dura-Ace for the rest of the groupset?

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by lancejohnson

Praxis Works.

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by ipenguinking

7900 rings work just fine.

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by Frankie13

Love the Praxis works

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by yubbers

I had issues with the Stronglights running 7900. Mind you that was on rotor 3D's which may have been part of the issue. From my experience, pair Duraace with Duraace

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by BdaGhisallo

The pro teams that haven't had access to the SRM 9000 prototype cranks have all been running their normal 7900 SRMs with the 7900 rings. It may not be "optimal" in Shimano's eyes, but they wouldn't be running that setup if there were obvious issues.

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by snorre

Thank you for useful information!

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