Any way to repair campy 11 speed chain>

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by reemo

I was switching out a new chain and totally messed up and took too many links out when replacing it. Is it too sketchy to try and add the necessary links back in?

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by em3

...simply buy a few replacement pins and install. Make sure you are using the correct tool with peening function. EM3

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by sharkman

never replace any used pins at a campy chain, it will break in no time (even with the proper tool).
If you want to lengthen the chain get the proper parts from campy (rediculously expensive) or get yourself two 11 speed (connex etc.) links and get the chain at the correct length.

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by thisisatest

Replacement pins referred to are exactly for reconnecting the chain, produced by campy. They typically do not fail.
KMC missing links are a bit cheaper though.

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by mjduct

I started with the KMC chain, I love campy but a 300 dollar chain tool is re-damn-diculous

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by tommasini

...........I paid $142 for mine via Ribble - while still a bit on the high side for a chain tool it's a precision/quality product........yet there are other much less pricy options such as the stand alone peening tool from Park for less than $45 USD.

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by DaveS

While Campy does sell high priced replacement pins, they are not supposed to be used close together and no more than 2-3 per chain.

I would not buy two new pins and try to repair the chain with them only a couple of inches apart.

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by AC0

I would buy 1 new chain and 2 quick links (KMC, BBB, Clarks, etc.). Put on the new chain and shorten it for use with a quick link by removing the end with the tie wrap. Then take the extra from the new chain and add it to the short chain, use the second quick link to close it. Now you have two chains that you can rotate.


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by thisisatest

Assuming you don't have a quick link on your chain currently, you would need three quick links. But that is a good suggestion.

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by Wcl4

Park makes a peening tool thats like $50

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