Has anyone tried doval chainrings?

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by Brandonnie

Looking to get a set and would like to know other peoples experiences.

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by thisisatest

I just put some on my mountain bike.
First impressions are that it feels good standing, a bit too dramatic sitting. Definitely prefers lower cadence. Also, it feels as if the timing is off, like my foot speeds up around the 5o'clock position, I'd like it to delay until the 5:30 or 6o'clock position. shifting is fine, though. I'm running 38/24.

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by Zigmeister

Looks like a slightly less exaggerated osymmetric rings. In between qrings and osym. Price is better than both.

I ride qrings, cant say how these ride ormdiffer from those.

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Mario Jr.
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by Mario Jr.

It seems that the timing of the rings are different/earlier than O-symetric and especially Rotor Q/QXL-rings. That might be what @thisisatest is feeling.

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by thisisatest

Yup, trying these really makes me want to try some q-rings. they might be juuust right.

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by jordanaustino

I have been running the Doval's for over a month and have been experimenting with changing the position on them. My first concern was shift quality. Not really an issue. It was a pain to setup but now it is and works great. As for whether or not the work: they feel different. I kinda like it, but I'm not going to go so far as to say you get a real advantage with them.

I personally prefer a slightly different orientation where I put the label right where it says "smallest" on the chainring behind the crankarm. They are a bit heavier (180+/-5g for my set of 52/40), but they are also cheaper than any decent chainring set on the market. Look pretty slick IMO

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by JamieL

I had my first ride on them today and once i worked out the timing on the front shift it wasnt a problem.
I set them up as recommended as didn't really notice much on the first 50km which was a slow club run. If anything, maybe i was feeling the same as thisisatest, that the timing is a bit early. Once i went off on my own though and moved forward a bit on the saddle, as i would for a TT, the timing seemed spot on. Climbing and sprinting were fine and i'm thinking i'm converted...


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by Kasparz

If anyone thinks 56t is not enough, you'll get a nice surprise soon ;)

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by Zigmeister

So it looks as if these are like OSymmetric, just less exaggerated and no ability to change where the optimum chainring position can be modified like QRings.

For people that say they feel their legs are accelerating through to quickly or too slow, that is what OCP and QRings offer to control compared to other oval rings.

If your KOPS changes, like you move to a zero offset post, or even just move your saddle a cm forward/backward, how it affects the feel of where the largest part of the ring now has moved causing the pedal acceleration, or late power point to arrive.

Rotor has recently introduced their QXL rings, which exaggerate the Oval and affect like the other two players, but still gives you the OCP customization to rotate the rings on the spider. Best of both worlds if you think a larger oval is something you would need/use and like.

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by Wookieopolis

The newer Doval chainrings actually do have an OCP adjustment system with 4 positions.

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by KWalker

I use Rotor q rings in position 4 right now and I'm interested in trying these out since they will fit the compact power2max spider without adjustments. Anyone tried the new ones with adjustment?
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by athletic91

Which position is good to start on these doval rings? 1,2,3,4?

I tried reading but did not understand what they meant by "inertia"

Im a high cadence guy

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by djconnel

In low inertia pedaling, when you let up a bit on the pedal, it slows down. This is the situation when you're climbing a steep hill, for example. The bike will quickly stop if you stop applying force to the pedals.

In high inertia pedaling, the pedal in a given gear moves at a certain speed independent of force. The bike (and pedal) change speed relatively slowly.

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by athletic91

just bought a pair of 52/40 to fit on my sram force crank, my virgin experience with non round rings

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by hubert222

hi, i m using doval 53/40 , also just bough a 39. 1st time to use non-round ring. Feels good.
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