16:8 build on a 32h Powertap hub with 24h carbon clincher

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by LouisN

Is this kind of build reliable, on a 32h Powertap with a 24h, 38mm Boyd carbon clincher ?

I know the powertap flanges are not very wide, so stiffness wouln't be at it's best...

160 lbs rider.

Anybody tried this ?

Louis :)

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by coachboyd

I can answer that. . it's definitely not a good idea. With the powertap you have to cross the spokes on the non-drive side as it's delivering the torque. Combined that with the narrow flange spacing and it is not a good hub. the G3 would have better geometry for 2:1 lacing, but due to the fact that you are measuring power from the hub it's best to do 2X on both sides (and will not void your warranty with Saris).
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by Weenie

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by claude274

So I will have to sell my 38mm Boyd carbon and the Open pro with the powertap hub to buy a new carbon wheel with the G3 hub? :cry:

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by WMW

Don't know if the Boyd rim is ideal... if it is center-drilled then it's probably ok. A very stiff rim is best. I laced a PT hub this way awhile back... it worked fine. The hub body is so large and stiff, that it doesn't seem to matter which side transfers most of the torque. At any rate lace the NDS 1x heads in if you do it. I'd also suggest lace the DS with the triplet method that gives the shallower angle.

I'm assuming you have an old hub that you don't want to lace with 32 spokes. Definitely don't buy a new hub for this.
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by claude274

I have a 2010 Cycleops PT pro+ with 32 holes on a Open Pro rim. I also bought a pair of Boyd carbon wheels which I really like. I thought first I would train with the open pro and ride on the Boyd but after reading "cutting edge Cycling" I realized that the best datas come from the competition and not from training. So I was wondering if I could match both on new wheel and asked my great friend Louis if it was possible to do so. Thanks for your insights!

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