Aero Wheel & Disc Help Needed for TT and Road Racing

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by davidalone

I'd go hand out on slowtwitch. they are ALWAYS discussing TT wheels. you'd probably get more useful input there.

that said, zipp, mavic, ENVE and bonty all make nice wheels. I haven't ridden them but I think the new bontrager aeolus D series are severely underrated and people should pay more attention to them.

if you're a heavier rider , you may find zipps abit flexy, depending on who builds your pair or how well they're built. they're fast but I think they tend to be high mantainence and abit finicky. HEDs are similar, but in my experience tend to suffer from the same problems (just that HEDs are cheaper.)

ENVE makes great rims too, rock solid , aero, and reliable. at a stage race a month ago a friend got involved in a crash ionvolving 30+ riders on his ENVEs. he got busted ribs, a broken clavicle, his canyon frame was cracked at the toptube, sram red levers and derialluers were totalled, but the ENVEs survived and just needed some truing. the plus side of ENVEs is you can choose your hub. they build up well but are REALLY expensive too.

mavics tend to be heavier most of the time, but solidly built. no experience on the cxr 80s, but from all info looks to be a fast wheel. have spent time on cosmics and the R sys, and I always like their dependability.

so I think you can't go far wrong with any of them. you'd be pretty much splitting hairs here. it all depends on whats the most value for you.

take a look at the new FLO wheels if you're on a budget, too.

would you consider a disc cover? that could potentially save you lots of cash.

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by gilesharrison

I have a pair of 90mm deeps sections which I use for road races. I also use the 90mm front wheel on my TT bike with a Zipp disc on the back.

Just do something like that. Not rocket science.

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