RE: Which length of recessed brake nuts should I be using?

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by Y26

Hi all,

Noob questions again but I am in the process of preparing myself for the first bike build.

I got the BR-9000 brake kit on hand for my Cannondale Caad10 build.

The rear nut is 10.5mm but which length for the front fork? There is 10.5, 12.5, 18, 27 and 32mm to choose from for the pivot nut.

Will be ordering the Ti version for Torontocycle as well.



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by eric

There should be at least 1 diameters' worth of threads engaged. I prefer more on the front brake as it's kind of important.

Since you have the brake and fork you can measure. Keep in mind that the nut will be recessed in the fork, so put a nut in there and measure how far it goes in.

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by 415brian

I don't know with certainty (measuring is always a good idea), but suggests you need the 12.5mm:

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