2012 Trek Madone 3.1 vs 2013 Trek Madone 4.7

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by dew4rd

Hi guys,

I've got a 2012 Trek Madone 3.1 with the following upgrades:
- Bonty Affinity RL Saddle (white)
- Dura-Ace C24 9000 wheels with Bonty R3 tyres
- Shimano 105 brakes

I went to my LBS to talk about upgrading the groupset which is a mix of 105 & Tiagra to Ultegra. They suggested I buy a new bike with Ultegra, rather than spend $1000 (AUD) on the group set. They pointed me in the direction of the new 2013 Trek Madone 5.2. The bike specs are great but I just can't dig the two color options!

I then looked at the 2013 4.7 as the color scheme is close to me 3.1, which I really like. They said there wouldn't be much difference between these two. The changes would be:
- Full Ultegra group set, instead of 105/Tiagra mix
- 400 series OCLV carbon, instead of 300
- BB90 bottom bracket, (don't know what the 3.1 has but I know it isn't a BB90!)
- Trek Carbon Road fork, instead of Bontrager Race w/E2 aluminum steerer with carbon legs (**What does "Trek Carbon Road fork mean tho???!)
- Bonty Carbon seatpost, instead of Bontrager Race Lite Alloy

Overall this would cost me an extra $1200 by the time I sold my 3.1. Obviously I would swap over my seat and wheels/tyres.

Do you think it would be a substantial improvement given the relatively cheap cost of the upgrade? Or should I look at higher models?



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by MisterNoChain

1200$ to go from a 3.1 to a 4.7, i would never do it.
If i was you i'd just ride the 3.1 a few more years and then buy a 5 series. Why did you buy the 3.1 if you are already upgrading everything?

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by wpccrunner

I would also suggest staying with the 3.1 before upgrading to the 4.7. The 5.2 is only around $500 more than the 4.7, and that $500ish gets you a much more advanced frame.

better carbon
more comfortable
seat mast
internal cables

overall the 5.2 frame will be lighter, stiffer and more comfortable (especially in the seat stays)

If I were contemplating this 4.7/5.3 decision it'd be the 5.2 no doubt, but then again this is your decision and not mine. Good luck sir and may the force be with you.

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by dew4rd

Thanks for the replies. I just wish I could love the 5.2's paint options, but I can't!

I also like the thought that the 4.7 has tried and trusted ultegra brakes, not bonty ones like the 5.2.

Maybe I need to test ride them both.

One slight problem with keeping my 3.1 a little longer is I am going to France in July to ride in the alps/pira's. I want to upgrade before then to have a bike I am happy with, that I will have ridden a lot and got comfortable with, that won't break the budget for this trip!

I'm confused about the fork on the 4.7, what does "Trek Carbon Road" mean I wonder? Is it different to my 3.1 fork.
Here is my 3.1's specs: http://www.trekbikes.com/au/en/bikes/20 ... mpact_2012


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by btompkins0112

The difference in the fork is your 3.1 has a heavy aluminum steerer tube while the upgraded "trek carbon" is a full carbon fork which probably saves about 100+ grams off yours.

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by dew4rd

Thanks. I have an update!

My LBS has given me a cracking deal on a 2012 5.9:

$3300 without wheels, tyres and seat

I think this would be the smarter option. What do you guys think?

Reason for the low price is it is floor stock that he needs to move out!!

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by SDP


better option ..

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by dew4rd

Yeah I think so!

I'm just looking up all the Ultegra Di2 stuff on the net, seems to get good reviews. I'm excited!

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by dew4rd

Haha! I'm test riding it tomorrow!

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by dew4rd

Put the deposit down today! I went for a test ride, so comfy to ride. The shifting was amazing too, I tried to fault it but couldn't. I even went up hill and stood on the pedals and shifted down in the middle, it shifted every time!

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900 gram frame and di2; now you're talking!

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