Weight difference w/Vittoria Open Corsa CX 25 vs 23?

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by jz4nyc

Anyone have any idea what the weight difference is between a 25 vs. 23 in Vittoria Open Corsa CX?

I ride 25's, a pal rides 23's, he asked me what the weight difference was, to which I had no idea. Recent vintage models in 23 vs. 25 aren't on the listings here either.

(Short of taking tires off and weighing them on a gram scale, I thought I'd ask here first.)

Obviously it's splitting hairs, but the number is the number and that's all I'm looking for.

If ya got it, many thanks! :thumbup:

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by xjbaylor

I believe that Vittoria lists them at 210g and 220g, at least according to one chart I remember seeing.

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by jz4nyc


duh....i should've gone straight to vittoria site. it's listed right there.

you are correct: 23's are 210, 25's are 220.

(assuming that manufacturer weights are correct.)

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by mattyb95

My 25s weighed in at 221 so were at least fairly accurate. See what the WW listings say for others perhaps

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by 1415chris

21: 221g and 212g, both with some mileage on.

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by em3

Vittoria.com lists as 210gm and 220gm. IME I have found Vittoria claimed weights to be quite consistent with real weights. I just installed a set of 25c 320TPI and they weighed in at exactly 220gm. With only a 10gm difference between the 23c and 25c it is sort of a no brainer to choose the 25c tire...less rolling resistance, more comfortable and slightly more durable. EM3

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by Powerful Pete

If the 25 fits your frame comfortably, of course... :wink:
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by jz4nyc

That, sir, is the nail on the head. I doubt if his bike will fit 'em. It's already ridiculously tight w/Zipp 303's and AX Orion brakes, to the point the brake quick release has to be left wide open. There's no way 25's would squeeze in there.

Powerful Pete wrote:If the 25 fits your frame comfortably, of course... :wink:

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