Upgrading Sram Red to 11sp

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by monchito

Hello everybody. Finally i could do the video with the running of the sram 11sp, and here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOef66bmVCM

And by the way, at the end i discard to modify a CS-9000 for a pair of reasons:
1: price.
2: as they changed the configuration of the cogs (group of 2 for the bigest cogs instead of group of 3 they had in the past), i can´t take advantage of the central cogs group (the group with the carbon core), so i forget it and i´ll try to do my own carbon core cassette. I hope i can show you soon.

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by HakeemT

Amazing work!

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by gregalfa

So amazing for your creativity to mod 10 to 11spd :thumbup: :thumbup:
The Great CarboniO

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thanks for the video Monchito!

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by nathanong87

so when u going to start selling a sram upgrade 'kit' to us? =)

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by clxcolnago

Monchito, i hope u dont stop creating these masterpieces and if u wish to sell them, i will probably get in line.

You see i was an avid shimano fan as they were selling stuff at reasonable price..then something stupid happened there..they created an 11speed gruppo and increase the price considerably..still lower than campagnolo but by a little

They lost me as a customer

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by weeracerweenie

Thanks to monchito! I completed my SRAM red 11 speed conversion last night, popped out for a ride today and it works perfectly! So happy!

Here are two videos of proof,



To see how i did it (slightly different from this genius monchito have a look at page 16 in this thread:

I guess there's worse hobbies than making a bike light? Right?

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by KLabs

Excellent weeracerweenie, very novel, innovative, and really inventive using a chain link roller as a spacer ... :-)

I wonder why sram or shimano haven't done something similar. For them it should be easy and cheap (maybe cheap is the issue) ... :-)

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by KLabs

monchito wrote:Hi everybody. I´m an owner of a sram red shifters and a fundamentalist of the 18 teeth cog, and i realized this past year that with 23 as largest cog i don´t have enough ( i remember with nostalgia when i rode everywhere with my 12-19 8sp... very years ago...), so i need some 12-25 but with a 18 cog. The solution...11sp. Here is how i did.

This is the piece i have to modify:

I just have to mount it again, and that´s all. I already rode with it and works fine. My only complain is not to have the new dura-ace cassette to be able to make the lightest 11sp mechanical system 8) "all around the world", but when i have it i´ll post the process here.

Hi monchito, is this still working and do you think that it might work with the XX1 RD and cassette :)

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by nathanong87

did u have to modify the RD at all?

has anyone with the new style 2013 RD but 10speed, used it with 11speed?

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by audiphile

Unbelievable and thanks for the post...I think. Should probably reserve the thanks until after I successfully complete the conversion, but love to see stuff like this.

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by NorwegianViking

So I just realized yesterday the possibility to upgrade my Sram Red 2012 10s drivetrain to 11 speed, hopefully fairly easy. Just by switching out this part http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8488/8274200549_3bb99136bb_b.jpg that people have modified in this thread.
I had a Sram Rival 22 right shifter that I stole from my CX, and pulled it apart to replace that part with the one inside my Sram Red 2012 shifter. This was even easier than expected, and with that done adjusting the H-limit screw on my Red 2012 RD and putting a 6800 cassette on my rear wheel (9000 chain already on my bike), BAM! I now own an 11 speed road bike :D Shifting performance seems initially to be better or at least equal to the old setup.

Splashing out the money on the Sram XG 1190 cassette instead of the 1090 now became suddenly more justifiable cause it goes to eleven. 8)

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by eric

It'd be great if that part was available from Sram.

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by NiFTY

Is the ratchet pictured identical between Original Sram red (pre-2012) and new 11 speed ie rival 22
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