Upgrading Sram Red to 11sp

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by monchito

Hi everybody. I´m an owner of a sram red shifters and a fundamentalist of the 18 teeth cog, and i realized this past year that with 23 as largest cog i don´t have enough ( i remember with nostalgia when i rode everywhere with my 12-19 8sp... very years ago...), so i need some 12-25 but with a 18 cog. The solution...11sp. Here is how i did.

The first thing is to enlarge the space available in the cassete. As i started from a mavic one, i already had half work done. Here is the original:

original por monchito3000, en Flickr

I also had to touch the hub:

buje rebajado por monchito3000, en Flickr

and this is the finished hub:

buje 11 por monchito3000, en Flickr

For the cogs, i did a 25 teeth cog in carbon fiber and I combined it with an old dura-ace 7800 little bit tuned and some old 8sp SRP titanium cogs tuned too.

25 carbon por monchito3000, en Flickr

DSC03177 por monchito3000, en Flickr

DSC03215 por monchito3000, en Flickr

But the 25 carbon cog broke in a demanding ramp, so now i ride with a 105-dura-ace cassete combination that weights near a ton. The idea is to find some dura-ace 9000 12-25 cassette, disassemble the cogs from the aluminium core and mount they again in my own carbon core, with the appropriate measures. Also, with this idea i´ll be able to mount this 11sp cassete (with 10sp spacing between cogs) in any standart 10 sp hub. Anyway, until i have the money to buy a dura-ace cassette, could pass a long, lonnnng time :( . Here are the 105 11sp:

DSC03230 por monchito3000, en Flickr

Well, and now i have to modify the shifter. First thing is to disassemble it:

desmontar maneta por monchito3000, en Flickr

Here are some weights:

some weights por monchito3000, en Flickr

This is the piece i have to modify:

DSC03254 por monchito3000, en Flickr

To do this, first i have to make a tool to hold it:

utillaje por monchito3000, en Flickr

this is with the piece ready to the new slot:

DSC03266 por monchito3000, en Flickr

And here the work is done.

regata nueva por monchito3000, en Flickr

I just have to mount it again, and that´s all. I already rode with it and works fine. My only complain is not to have the new dura-ace cassette to be able to make the lightest 11sp mechanical system 8) "all around the world", but when i have it i´ll post the process here.

by Weenie

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by Imaking20

Fantastic :beerchug:
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by prendrefeu



First - both in this thread and your other threads you obviously have a wide range of machinery available to you. Do you work at a shop? Is this all at home? How did you get so many useful tools? What do you do for a living?

Second - I like how you decided to further modify your already modified mavic wheels (very impressive) - have you considered getting the new 11-spd compatible hubs and relacing them to your tuned rims, and of course just creating new axles again like you did before?
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by kgt


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by CBJ

Amazing work!

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by AGW

Hats off, sir. Even with the know-how, I wouldn't have the balls to drill my red gruppo. Or my Apex gruppo for that matter. :lol:

Looking forward to updates and video!

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by HammerTime2

monchito wrote:i remember with nostalgia when i rode everywhere with my 12-19 8sp... very years ago...
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by aerozy

Amazing! You and Berk should go into business!
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by robertg

That really is some very impressive work monchito. You are the only one on the planet with an 11 speed Sram drivetrain!

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by eric

Nice work!

So the Sram shifter guts will handle the extra cable pull, you just need one more ratchet tooth? Interesting!

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by fa63

kgt wrote:respect!


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by mca56

Amazing work! I would love to upgrade my Red to 11 speed. Market the parts and you will find buyers.

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by brownie3

HammerTime2 wrote:
monchito wrote:i remember with nostalgia when i rode everywhere with my 12-19 8sp... very years ago...
Lay off the cigs.

Is that all you have to add on this amazing piece of art?? Hope that the mods will have some pity with that kind of reaction and keepin you on board...

my deepest respect monchito!

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by trilocus

amazing post!!!!!!

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by 5 8 5


by Weenie

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