Suggestions for short cranks with Campagnolo groupset

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by syplam

Hi, i am currently running 172.5 cranks on my bike. I noticed my knees go really high up and sometimes hitting my diaphragm when im on the drops. I can't raise my seatpost any further so i am considering to get shorter cranks but there are no campy cranks below 170...any suggestions for what i can run? i use a record groupset. I know shimano make short cranks but i really dont want to go down that path since i prefer the shifters of campy

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by shimmeD

I use 165 Shimano cranks with otherwise Campag setups, no worries. If you choose to snob the big S, go Rotor.
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by Stefano

This is cheating somewhat, but the sram red exogram crankset looks like the old 5 arm campy cranks a bit due to the hidden bolt- sand the decals and slap on some silver chainrings and it is a perfect match. You can get them in 165 and 167.5

Another suggestion- just get an older or aluminum crankset in the campagnolo range if you want it to match. They also go down to 165 ... wAodxOkO1g

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by fitty4

Just know that Power Torque cranks are very easy to put on the bike, taking them off is whole different story, if you don't have the tools and still want the possibility to take them yourself, buy some good quality tools. Other than that I would also buy Rotor

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by dfischer1

Rotor cranksets go all the way down to 150, and they play nice with Campagnolo.

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by AJS914

At least those Power Torque cranks are so damn cheap.

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