Cyclocross frame as Road frame

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by tarz

I was going to post this in the cyclocross forum but through it was more fitting here as to what I want the outcome to be.

As per the title, I am wondering what if any negatives there are to using a cyclocross frame on the road?

I will preface this by saying this cyclocross frame to be my primary race frame; including crits and road races.
So elements of stiffness and flex are of concern, but fit is primary.

I am currently riding a Specialized Crux, which fits me perfectly.

I was just wondering what everyone's view is of this. The crux frame is built with the same E5 alloy that they use for the allez which is supposed to be a nice stiff frame. I understand that the forks are different and everything to the road bikes, but the angles of the head tube and seat tube and everything marry up very nicely to how I fit on a frame.

Any and all information is appreciated.

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by bm0p700f

If it fits well that you are half way there so ride it. The frame/fork will be a bot heavier than an equivelent road frame.

You have clearance for wide tyres though so I would use 28c.

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by ldamelio

Should work fine as long as your gearing is appropriate. You may spin out a 46 - 48 x 11 - 12 in a crit. Depending on geometry, handling may be a little to the stable/slow side in a crit, but the higher BB clearance than a typical road bike will give you more pedal clearance for cornering. Bottom line, it will be fine. Run whatever tires are appropriate for the individual event.

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by BackRoadsBiker

As the above posters said, it'll probably be a good bit more to the stable side of things and will be [a bit] heavier.

That being said, several people raced (and won) on cross bikes during the past collegiate road season in my conference.
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by shotgun

I've used mine on road tires, felt higher (higher BB and higher headtube) on fast corners, still stable though cause of a longer wheelbase.

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by mjduct

I am thinking about putting a 10sp campy cassette on my spare set of wheels for my cyclocross bike...

(my cervelo is on 11sp carbon clinchers with my bad weather easton EA90s as backup)

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by seandonovan

I have a Redline 'cross bike that I did some light touring on, and it was quite nice. Stable as all get out, even when it was poorly loaded (nearly all weight on the rear).

I had it setup with an Apex RD and wide cassette, and tried using it for a hilly route one time - terrible idea. The Apex/cassette were wonderful (90rpms going up a 16% grade...), but descending was a bit unsettling. The geometry didn't feel right (I did not drop the bars down the 2" to match my road bike's drop, and I was definitely not confident going even moderately fast down hills.

That being said, I'm sure that, with time, I would get used to its behaviour and become confident leading it down on a curve at 30+mph.

On the other hand, it is wonderful just riding around the city at a leisurely pace: higher position == more visibility and comfort.
shotgun wrote:I've used mine on road tires, felt higher (higher BB and higher headtube) on fast corners, still stable though cause of a longer wheelbase.

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by bonedpwinkle

I have been doing this very thing for some time now. I truly haven't felt any slower on my cross bike with road wheels, than I felt on my Orbea Orca Gold. Although, I have been WAY more comfortable! Now then, my opinion may not be incredibly reliable as my cross/road bike is a custom. This is it:


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by edesigner

The only real thing I would worry about is a crash with non compact canti's. That edge could cut a nice gash on your leg.


As other said the weight is a bit more but there's plenty if 7kg bikes floating around the pro scene and that's with cross tires.

The geometry will be a little more sluggish in comparison compared to that "snap" you would get from a road bike in a sprint. If I were racing a cross bike in a crit I would definitely try to solo vs take my chances against guys better equipped in a field sprint.

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by SWijland

The higher bottom bracket would make cornering a lot less confident, compared to a true road race bike. The same goes for the brakes. If you are fine with that, then go for it!

@bonedpwinkle: your Alchemy is in a whooole different league ;)

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by Beancouter

I have just bought a caadx disc which I will use as a winter trainer/commuter and trail bike. In terms of the geometry I went down a frame size but can still dial in the same cockpit dimensions as the caad10 it replaces.

The main difference is weight (although I have some farsports 38mm carbon climchers for on road), the wheelbase is a bit longer and it is heavier.

That said - so far so good!

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