Merida Reacto Evo: Pure blood or "interracial"

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by joelpace

I'm planning on buying a Merida Reacto Evo frameset to build up. All of my bikes run Campy 11. The Reacto uses direct mount brakes and Campy doesn't make them (at least not nice ones). So, do I break with tradition and use full Dura Ace 9000 or go "interracial" and mix Campy with Shimano brakes? Since all are 11 speed the free wheels should be interchangeable.

Thoughts? :noidea:

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by russianbear

I'm fan of interracial... wait are we talking about bikes still?

Are there some boutique options?

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I'd just wait for the ee Cycleworks ones to come out.

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by kgt


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by HillRPete

Guess there's the Tektro T730F/T740R neither-here-nor-there option. Or just use lower tier Shimano while waiting.

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by crankdxb

PIXELLUST wrote:I'd just wait for the ee Cycleworks ones to come out.

+1 ftw I'm not a fan of a stock brakes either!

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