Cannondale MKV chain rings bad anodising

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by Anders

I bought a 53/39 set with the lightest colored of the 53 and the all black 39 privately on Ebay. Being unhappy with the color of the 53 I bought two new ones from Konsums on Ebay which is also not completely black, dark purple would be a more precise description. Has anyone else encountered such bad colored MKV chain rings?


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by Tokyo Drifter

are you taking the piss? really, is this a joke? why you waste pixels?

buy them from a bike shop next time, instead of ebay, and you could return them if you're unhappy.

put them on your bike and go for a ride, the anodising will get worn off or the chainrings will get covered with a more aesthetically pleasing colour of grease in short order.

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