Ax lightness Vial Evo Ultra - 589g!

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by greentimgreen

The news everyone who's just bought a standard Vial has been waiting for - a new, even lighter model! :shock:

It's incredible that this thing is 300g lighter than my Z-Zero frame. Wow.
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by spdntrxi


by Weenie

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by kode54

that's crazy. wonder how that rides.
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by eric01

Hrm. I literally just got a new vial evo this week
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by burglarboycie

:shock: A frame that light terrifies me

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by Slammed

I think it's going to be really expensive because then you can't afford food, since this bike is going to have a 80 pound weight limit haha.

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by mike

wow, that is super impressive. i would certainly like to see some ride tests on this and whether it can hold up.

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by djconnel

Wow -- that would save 270 grams off my present frame, plus probably 90 grams more for the fork. If I value that at $5/gram, that's worth $1800. :)

We're really hitting diminishing returns on frames.

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by wheelsONfire

I wonder if weight increments is same as for Vial EVO, 20g + for each size up!?
Question is how that frame will handle and on what weight limit of rider will end up.
Guerciotti has a lower weight limit for the 769 frame than Vial EVO has.
I wonder if it is really sane dropping too much weight on a frame, i mean, at some point durability is clearly something you need to overlook.
But if you want to be the lightest, perhaps it's worth it!?

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by djconnel

Don Becker's Ruegamer Uberlight was 610 grams in 2009. AFAIK he's still riding it in the Berkeley Hills. I think the limiting factor on pushing frame weights has been cost, not the ability to push them. Some really sick-light prototypes have been announced by Cervelo and others but were declared too expensive for mass production.

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by mnmasotto

I am going to order one ASAP. I love my Evo Vial.

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by snowdevlin

How light can these guys get?
Amazing stuff...

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by beanbiken

And it seems not very long ago that sub 1kg was impressive :unbelievable:
Ahhh, coffee & carbon

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by Krull

canyon-engineer (if i remember right, his name is "kaiser") said in an interview, its not so difficult to build a very light and at the same time stiff frame-the problem rather is, to avoid walls becoming to "crisp" (means walls breaking by the slightest impact).
such a "crisp" frame would offer a stable ride feel, and although could carry heavier riders, but would not be practicable.
ax-lightness have so much experience with processing carbon, they probably can handle such problems. somehow impressive.
nevertheless under no circumstances i would buy one of those frames.
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by Weenie

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by dereksmalls

Krull wrote:nevertheless under no circumstances i would buy one of those frames.

If money was no object I'd be on that like an addict on a freshly chopped line of charlie

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