2016 Cannondale Supersix Evo refresh?

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by troydupe

Any word on an updated Evo for the 2016 model year? I believe the current Evo has been around since 2012. It seems about time for a refresh!

by Weenie

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by tinozee

If it does come it will probably be at the TDF or the slipstream page, which basically blogs all the team activity.

Or maybe there is some Cannondale factory employee/insider who knows? Maybe they add aero frame and keep the evo as is.

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Hint from my recent tdu visit of the cannondale booth points to a September refresh of an aero frame. A new 2015 black-inc (not for sale yet) with very similar geometry as current model was hanging on the side and is said to be available anytime soon as a frame-only option for the first time for just $3750AUD if I remember correctly. Hope it helps :)

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by toshi

Whatever Cannondale does next season, I sure hope they hire a new graphic designer. I love their bikes but the paint and graphic schemes are the worst!

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by bungis

Yeah I don't like all the puke green or formula one tin can Caad 10 from last year.

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by SUCycling88

Unlikely, but a CAAD refresh is likely not very far out

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by tinozee

I agree with you guys about the paint schemes! I did buy one with the team colorway, but only chose that color b/c it's the one I hated the least.

Why not just solid color with cdale logos! Seems it's only available super limited edition if they use good paint. All of us average joes need to live with the terrible pin stripes, etc.

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by gospastic

Luckily I found a stripped caad 10 and did just that. Single solid color, old school logos.

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by BSUdude

Looks like it is getting a slight aero refresh but retaining the use of normal components. My likey so far...

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by racersir

I'm waiting on this as well. Hopefufully will get more info around the TdF

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by greenmachine

The 2016 model doesn't look any different at a glance but changes are a slightly more aero head/Down and seat tube , wider tyre clearance and wider bb as per synapse but without split tube. CAAD12 Dura ace disc looks crazy though.

by Weenie

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