BH Ultralight Geometry questions

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by jasonsv

I recieved my BH ultralight framset today 2013?

I ordered a large, when it arrived it looked a little small, so got out the tape measure and when to the Bh site, the headtube is clearly 185mm as listed on the site however the tt and st judt dont make sense TT almost appears to be a size medium , anyone else have a BH and noticed the same thing?

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by thisisatest

Most top tube measurements are "effective" measurements, and so are some seat tube measurements. By that I mean you draw a horizontal line from the top of the head tube to the seat tube, measure that distance and it is the imaginary horizontal top tube's length. That same intersection on the seat tube, down to the center of the bb, is the effective seat tube length. I hope that's it, can't think of anything else causing skewed numbers.

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by kevhogaz

My 2011 BH G5 uses an "effective" top tube length, not the actual TT measurement. Go look at their geometry charts, and it should show you how they came up with the top tube length.

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by elviento

Seems within the normal range for a size L.

BTW, it's always a good habit to closely study the geo chart before buying a higher end frame like the Ultralite.
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by Dimitri

have a pretty laid back seat angle from memory, which does make the bike a little "smaller" really.

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