Clicking noise from left Keo Blade (cleat) only standing

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by ParisCarbon

Ive developed an intermittent clicking sound from the LH Keo Cleat (grey).. it only happens when Im standing and I can feel it in the bottom of my foot under the cleat.. it almost seems like there is the slightest amount of fore/aft play in the cleat... I unclip with my right foot, so the left cleat is in like new condition (the one making the noise).. and the cleats are really only 4 months old... They are not the grip cleats.. There is never a sound when Im seated no matter how hard I am pushing.. The pedals are clean, the cleats are clean, and all the screws are tight...

Anyone have ideas? Just a dud cleat that finally gave up?

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by madmole

Check your shoes, are the cleat screws all snug? do you have an SPD fitting thats loose underneath the 3 hole mounts

try a little lube on the cleat

I had a click like that, drove me mad, even changed cleats, in the end turned out to be the BB was a little loose
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by artray

I had a click standing on my pedals .It turned out to be a tiny crack/split in my rear rim ....

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by ParisCarbon

It didn't make a single noise today in a 85km ride..the only thing I did do was loosen the pedal and retighten it to the crank... maybe there was some grit in there...

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by echtogammut

This strange, I have the exact same issue and it just started yesterday. The cleat is perfectly attached and shows no signs of wear that would effect its performance. There is no play in the pedal bearings and actuation spring and retention mechanism are functioning properly. As the OP mentioned it only happens when I am out of the saddle and it feels like it is slipping a little to the outside on the LH pedal (making a slightly audible click). I initially assumed the cleat was worn/broken, which is not uncommon with the Keo, I buy them in bulk, but the cleat looks fine. The difference is I have the Keo Classic, not the Blade.

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by ParisCarbon

Strange... another ride today, and no noise at all... all I have done is wipe the surface of the pedal clean, there was really nothing on it... then I just loosened the pedal off 1 turn from the crank, and retightened it.. quiet for almost 200km now...

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by boysa

I used to have similar issues with my blades. Every so often the right side would start clicking, and I would take it off, wipe and regrease the threads, re tighten and all would be fine... Until the next time it happened, of course. The occurrences became more frequent, until eventually the above routine didn't alleviate the problem. I opened the pedal up and discovered the bearings were not working very well. Tried to grease them, tweak them, etc., but finally gave up. Ended up buying new pedals. Took the opportunity to switch brands and couldn't be happier.
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by xrs2

My Keo Blades click intermittently, usually the day after a rainy ride. It was so annoying I was going to switch to Dura Ace, but I read somewhere that spraying some furniture polish onto to the plate helps. I tried it, and indeed it cleared up the clicking noise immediately.

My recollection is that Look was going to modify the design of their cleats somewhat to ameliorate the issues with clicking. I don't know if that ever actually happened.


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by Estelja

I switched to Exustar red/yellow cleats for my Keo Max2's. They just seem to fit tighter in the pedal than the grey Looks and are way quieter.

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by Tricky1

I've had a few issues with the Blades. The most common one being a clicking sound alternating from one pedal or the other and usually under heavier loads. My experience is that the interface between the cleat and pedal might be the problem.

Try using a crayon (surf wax is good too) on the pedal where the cleat makes contact with it. It's right in the center over the spindle of the pedal. Just swipe the crayon over the worn surface of the pedal, double check cleat screws and see if the noise persists. It may not be your problem, but at least you can rule out an interface issue.

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