Replacement rims for Dura Ace 7850 wheels

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by Beancouter

My current rims are just about done in and was trying to work out what I might use as a replacement rim. I would use them for everyday riding on my training bike.

My slight concern is that the hubs are 16/20 and need something which will minimise wheel flex. Would consider shallow section (38?) carbon clincher or aluminium. Failing any ideas, I may just rebuild with RS80 rims which I believe are identical to the Dura Ace but bizarrely significantly cheaper.

by Weenie

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by ave

I have a broken C24 rim, so I would be interested in sourcing a new for the hub.
Are you sure the RS80 replacement rims are cheaper?

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by NealH

I've worn the dimples away on one set of 7850 C24's and am now running my second set. I would be interest in knowing where to buy replacement rims - or who can do this rebuild. These DA wheels are really good wheels and worth the rebuild unless it cost nearly as much as a new set.

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by maxxevv

You could try contacting your local distributor based on the parts list listed in these documents: ... 698498.pdf" onclick=";return false; ... 698499.pdf" onclick=";return false;

I'm assuming you're talking about the C24-CL and not the 'TL' tubeless version ???

These guys seem to have it but are charging and arm and leg for them though :unbelievable: : ... 22112.html ... -hole.aspx

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by Beancouter

I am based in the UK and last time I looked I don't think there was much difference buying an rs80 wheelset (planet x currently £320) to strip the rims off and buying separate rims. When I looked a couple if months ago the rims seemed to have a standard shimano stock code - the joke is that the rs80 rims were about 140 each and the dura ace more than (200 each from memory). I think the only difference is the decals!!!

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by Svetty

Not many 16 hole rims around - Kinlin XR300s perhaps best option?

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by Beancouter

Will look for the Kinlins - not sure how good availability is in the UK for 16 holes. Has anyone on here any experience of 16/20 with the Kinlins.

Another option might be the carbon/aluminium farsports 38mm rims; again has anyone any thoughts on building these up in 16/20?

by Weenie

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