Dura Ace 7800 Freehub body (al 10s only) alternative

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by styrrell

I have a DA 7800 (I think) hub and would like to run sram cassettes. Does shimano make another hub with the same interface between body and hub? This seems to be the only one with the bare pawls attached to the freehub when you remove it. If not does another mfg make one that is compatible. ZIPP, A Class, Miche and a few others look similar, but no idea if the dimensions are exactly correct.

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by bobbyOCR

Why the SRAM cassettes? Weight? I use a 7800 hub with SRAM and just use Shimano cassettes.

Otherwise, I'd pull the 7800 body off and get a machinist to get rid of the extra spline height.
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by styrrell

Partly weight (Sram Red cassettes), partly because I already have a mix of shimano and sram cassettes and partly because i have bikes with 9 speed that I may want to put the wheel on.

I plan on doing the machining if I can't get a off the shelf alternative.

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by Mackers

I'm pretty sure the 10S only body isn't wide enough to fit a 9S cassette.
The same probably goes for SRAM cassettes, unless those need a 1mm spacer to fit on 9S hubs too.

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