Using inline barrel adjusters on a TCR Advanced 2012

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by Roark


Just bought a TCR Advanced 2012 frame, and the LBS guy said he did not fitted inline barrel adjusters because they don't go too well in this frame, it seems the bend of the cable/housing is not appropriate for an OK shift.

What is your experience?


by Weenie

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by SDP

never used need if set up well...

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by prebsy

I just built up a 2012 tcr advanced frame and used both barrel adjusters.

The one for the rear really impacts the shifting negatively and I will be removing it. The one for the front is fine and is really necessary, unless you feel like using a 4th hand and wasting 20minutes setting up the cable tension for the front derailleur. You also already have a barrel adjuster on the rear derailleur so really no need for it anyway.

The impact of the inline barrel adjusters really depends on bar choice, stem choice, stack and the frame size but I would say in most cases it probably won't work well.


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