Deep road wheels for every day use (70+mm)

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by tommasini

To help with replies - what is your "real world" intended purpose with such wheels......for instance is it long breakaways vs sprinting, other?....cause due to weight at the rim, cross winds, etc. a std V of that depth will have very limited value on road bikes in most day to day racing situations.

My opinion is that deep V rims like you suggest have limited value on a road (or crit) bike due to their cross sectional size, limited aero gain (versus 50mm) and porky weight gain (again vs 50).....generally speaking 50ish wheels on a road bike is the cat's meow.......just ask any protour racer......most of whom have access to a variety of rim depths.......

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by DMF

If just for fun, throw all practical matters out the window - deep wheels are the most fun you can have with your pants on!! No, I am acutally serious... It's a real trip! The noise! The feeling of being pulled along the road! ...and the side winds, come on - it's a little extra tickling nerve, a bit of personality and extra spice to the ride. It's not practical, but it for sure as hell isn't boring either!

by Weenie

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by Slayer33

I say go for it.. I did.

If you just want to experience it, have some fun and look cool.. then why not? You aren't racing, you are just trying to enjoy the sport.

I just picked up a set of Reynolds Sixty Six clinchers, I currently ride on Shimano RS80 C24s.. so quite a jump in rim depth.. I too was worried about crosswinds etc and was going to get the Forty Six's.. Yes, they would've been more practical, but heck.. you do only live once and I don't regret it one bit.

I'm a heavier rider (190-200lbs), so I probably won't get blown around as much as lighter riders would..
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by Simonhi

I have Enve 6.7's as my most used wheels, I love them to bits, laced to CK hubs and runny Veloflex tubs there is no nicer wheelset for me in my mind.

My Nemesis / Royce come out for the rougher stuff but if the roads are clean and dry I run with the Enve nine times out of ten.

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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

Keep in mind that depth is not the only determinant on how a hoop will ride. Width, overall shape, and construction will have just as big of an effect on ride quality as depth. With that said, something like the Enve 6.7 could definitely be used as a daily driver. The textured brake track makes for consistent braking even on the longer descents. Additionally, the wider stance of those hoops help to stabilize them in the crosswinds which is nice on such a deep rim.

The 5 year warranty and lifetime crash replacement is hard to argue with too.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

DMF wrote:deep wheels are the most fun you can have with your pants on!!

Only thing better is running a disk.

It's like having your own, private, stereo every time it is on.

That alone makes it worth doing a TT :lol:

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by Northoceanbeach

carbon2329 wrote:There isn't anything wrong with a deep rim, just for the fun of it. Life is too short.

I ride 25mm-65mm rims. I race a little, but parts like this are just a lot of fun.

I have never had a rim deeper than 65, but my only concern with anything deeper is weight. I am a WW (hence I am here :D ) so it is always a compromise.

If it is in the budget, and you like them, go for it.

(if you "shouldn't" because you ""can't use them to there full potential"", then there should be no road legal sports cars either, at least in the U.S., because you can't go faster than 80 mph, legally, so we should all be driving a Ford Focus, because they go 80mph just fine, so we shouldn't get anything more fun or better)
:D :D :D :D :D :D

I love it! I have actually used tha analogy before, but I didn't think anyone else did!

Yes, if you want them get them and use them as a tool when the condition call for them. You may not be racing but who doesn't want to ride faster and if you ride faste you rude farther. And the you will see more cool stuff on your ride.

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by Gregorio

nathanong87 wrote:u dont race, so what are u training for? .

So, if the op isn't racing maybe he should just ride a recumbent.

Ride what you like :beerchug:
I have Reynolds 66. I haven't found them to be too difficult to handle in the wind.

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by DMF

Tinea Pedis wrote:
DMF wrote:deep wheels are the most fun you can have with your pants on!!

Only thing better is running a disk.

It's like having your own, private, stereo every time it is on.

That alone makes it worth doing a TT :lol:

I've actually been eyeing up a disc as a spare, to complement the 82's, just for occasional use and purely for the noise... That sound gives me goose bumps, and in all fairness - there is no better excuse to get something, anything really, than when said thing gives you literal goose bumps...

Any speed gain or gain otherwise is just a bonus, I just want the rising neck hair really :)

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by bigskyTi

FWIW I've been riding my RZR 92's for about a year almost every time i ride a bike. I LOVE them. I can seriously say they are currently my favorite thing about riding.

They are not real comfortable, but man do they scream. adds a lot of fun to my sat/sunday rides.


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by ergott

Rode Enve 8.9s all last year and at 85mm/95mm they qualify. Wheels like that shine when you are flying along over 25mph. They can be intimidating to others as you pass at those speeds because you sound like a car.

Also, I never complained on any of the climbs. I don't exactly live in the Alps.

"If you have the means I highly recommend picking one up"

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by linus

I've been using these wheels(68mm) as my everyday wheels for the last 4 years without any problems.

Love the sound.


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I'm considering picking up a pair of used Sram S80 hoops at a reasonable price. This topic definitely emphasizes the coolness of such deep rims however I'm afraid I got caught up a bit :oops: There's not that much real world feedback on the S80s. Are they any good? Do they make a lot of noise cutting through the wind? :mrgreen: I suspect a 50-60mm wheelset is more practical and may even look better, however I do have big sized bikes such that the deeper profile may turn out quite balanced. As for the practical part (i.e. crosswinds), is the difference between a 25mm wide 82mm deep rim such as the S80 really noticeable compared to e.g. Planet X 60mm carbon clinchers? I've never ridden anything deeper than 40mm (old Cosmic Pro). I presume the Srams are more aero, unfortunately I haven't found any test showing how aero they are compared to other offerings. Does anyone know of an aero test featuring the Srams? I live in a flat country and have plenty of low profile wheelsets to use on windy days. Weight is not much of an issue. Also planning to try some time trialling this summer, so if the deeper rims are more aero that may be an additional advantage, however it should be seen in perspective as I'd be using a regular road bike with set forward seatpost and clipons. Would you buy the S80s or something less deep?

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by Dozer

I'm riding MadFibers as my only wheelset. They are 60/66mm ft/rr. Light, aero and strong...only downside is the cost.

by Weenie

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