American Classic mag 300

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by Cheers!

I was wondering if anyone actually has their hands on one. Or just purely vapourware? ... incher.php" onclick=";return false;?

Says available april 2012 which is long gone.
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by kevosinn

I'm also wondering about these! Custom carbon frames, bar/stem combos, repair and component tuning.

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by Dimitri

the the aussie distro's B2B says TBA. not that helpful sorry!

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by VNTech

Rein Taaramae was running a set in the Tour this year. Not that that's very helpful to you...
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by lechat

A nice set recently went for $345 shipped on eBay. Not sure of the yr. but they had new ceramic bearings installed from the AC factory. Was very tempting to say the least. Especially when they were sitting there at 99 cents (+$30 shipping)!

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by Dimitri

in stock now in AU :)

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