Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Rush

Funny how you can spend over $2000 on a set of wheels and not know what they are.

But I digress. For those who are curious about the Baw Baw descent, here is its Strava Segment: link.

Driving the 20% segments in a car in winter can be a bit hairy. I've never done it on a bike.

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by lewtargett

With all due respect if he can't use a camera or email, he is certainly not a 'tech head', try moron.
Moderator, this thread is going nowhere and is a waste of electrons.

by Weenie

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by tigoose

Excuse me!! How do you feel comfortable calling my friend a moron and you don't even know him. He as well as a for of ppl on here are allowed to buy whatever they like.. The house you bought, the car, bike and whatever else you own, do you know every intricate detail of all of it and service the lot????
I'm happy to lock this thread to keep rude ppl like you at bay

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

tigoose, I think the point was not that we don't have every intricate detail. However when someone buys a car or a house (going with your example) then you do know what model it is or if it's brick or weatherboard.

Regardless, this thread seems to be on the downward spiral on a few levels so locking her up.

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