Looking for new road shorts any suggestions!

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by G6612

With Christmas right around the corner looking to fill my list. I have been wearing the Nike livestrong shorts and they have treated me well. Looking to change it up a bit can anyone recommend a good quality short that is comfortable and a good quality. Please no bib shorts, I have tried several brands and they are not for me.

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by doomith

Learn to like bib shorts and get TDF replica kits (not fake ones) :D

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by sanrensho

I have a pair of Nike Discovery shorts that are as comfortable as any bibshorts I own. (Previous to that I also had an older pair of Nike shorts that were also great, until the chamois broke down after extensive wear.)

If the brand works for you, stick with it, just try to find a model with similar chamois.

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by G6612

That's part of the problem I have done some searching and cannot find them anymore.

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by bobbyOCR

Are you sure you have exhausted the search for nice bib shorts?

I have some cheap bib shorts that are garbage. I shelled out for a nice pair of exte ondo bibs and have never looked back.

I have had great experiences with Craft and Castelli as well. But not at the lower end of the spectrum. There are bargains to be had but good knicks are usually expensive for a reason.
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by LouisN

I hate bibs too.
My club only orders bibs, and as soon as I receive them, I cut them to make shorts.
Just can't bear "suspenders"...
I really like the Pearl Izumi Pro shorts. Padding is on the thinner side, but very comfy, fit me like a second skin.

Louis :)

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by Steve_W

Assos UNO....
You'll never look back, I promise. Trust me.
I've tried loads, my only regret was not buying these 7 years ago, I have 4 pair now, a couple of pair coming up to 3 years of age, still look and feel perfect!

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by istigatrice

LouisN wrote:I really like the Pearl Izumi Pro shorts. Padding is on the thinner side, but very comfy, fit me like a second skin.

I agree with this, except I have the bib version. Padding may be a bit thicker for the bibs, but its only got padding where you need it
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by SWijland

Castelli Body Paint bib shorts. I've read quite a few reviews before deciding to buy these. They are craze expensive, but are on sale in quite a few short right now. Haven't tried them yet.


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by VNTech

If you're relatively thin, the Body Paint shorts are incredible. I rarely ride in anything else. The straps are very soft, and a single piece of fabric so they don't cut into your shoulders. You really do forget about them, I can't imagine riding in anything but bibs.

If you have a... let's call it a beer muscle, then the Body Paints won't be very comfortable. The front may cut into your belly, as it does with a few of my office mates.

Durability is average. The logos fall of early, which is highly annoying, but the actual fabric is fine for quite some time if treated properly. They are my favorite shorts, and I have tried literally everything.
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by bman11

+1 for Assos. Any short/ bib in their range is head and shoulders above the rest. In my opinion.
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