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by davidalone

Got involved in a 30 bike pile up in a race 2 weeks ago. luckily, the bike looks to be okay except for one small problem:

During the crash my down tube bottle cage (Elite custom race) was somehow ripped right off the frame. I suspect this has caused some damage to the water bottle cage mounts female threading because one of the bolts requires a heck lot of force to screw in , definitely more than what feels right, and the bolt isn't going in perfectly straight.

Now I like to drink water on my rides as much as the next person, and lacking a bottle cage could be a problem in longer races; and I'd hate to write off a frame just because of such small problem. Any Solution?

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by prendrefeu

Where do you live?
We can suggest qualified persons.

A local composite repair service will take care of this issue.
Carbon fiber is a composite material. :)
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by Weenie

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by em3


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by sungod

does the mount show any sign that it's been twisted/pulled out of position?

if not, it may be that only that the bolt has stripped in the mount so that the threads are clogged - especially if you had proper ww aluminium screws - you may be able to chase out the debris with a needle, or use a tap

also, minor damage to the thread should be fixable, mechanic can recut it with a tap, or you can get a tap and diy, as above, an m5x0.8 taper tap

but if the thread is badly damaged, or the frame-mount bond is affected, that needs more expert attention

worst case, elite do some zip-tie cage mounts, ugly, but functional

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by btompkins0112

Photos would help in the diagnosis

by Weenie

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by thisisatest

Yes, pics. Or at least details of the type of bike, material, etc. Some frames use rivet nuts. Then all you have to do is remove the old one and install a new one.

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