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by itsacarr

You don't need a debate here as it isn't constructive but my vote is to service the SRM and give it a try.

But if it's a wireless SRM you have you could just as easily sell it buy a new quarq and have money left over to spend. If you get a quarq just make sure you get the new model.

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by mieke@quarq

paulclay wrote:Yeah, I called SRM and the lady said that it must be the battery. I fiddled with the magnet to no avail. On another note I am seriously considering a quarq instead. Since I have 11sp I need to order stronlight rings. I've heard that I would need 50/36 because for some reason 34's don't calibrate well on the Hollowgram quarq.? anyone on that?

Can I just get a sram bb30 compact quarq?

The new Cannondale Quarq powermeters have the new platform which includes "omnical" as well as the "power balance" features. "Omnical" means you can swap rings without recalibrating. You're also no longer limited to the Stronglight 50/36 compact setup for 11 speed compatible rings. We don't have Stronglight rings in stock anymore, but you could use Rotor no-Q rings (their regular round rings) which are also 11 speed compatible from what I understand. You can get them from us or Rotor USA.

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by Dammit

I did a quick 2x10 on the turbo on Wednesday, then a proper 2x20 on Friday.

In the second interval on both days the SRM stopped reporting power and cadence momentarily.

The first time round I only had the PC-7 recording, the second time I used my 910 as well- both reported the dropout.

This is what it looked like:


The zero offset is rock steady- I checked it once before and twice during the 2x20 on Friday.

SRM unit itself was new in August last year.

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by Dammit

Hmm, really bad today- to the point that I gave up on the session.

Cadence and power dropped out at the same time, the PC-7 display went from displaying a number "247" to "-", then came back to "0", and finally back to the power figure.

At some points the HR and speed dropped out as well, at others just power and cadence.

The second time this happened I stopped and hit Mode+Set to enter the zero-offset menu, there was nothing- the PC-7 registered "0" for the offset figure coming from the PM, so I think it cannot have been broadcasting.

I grabbed my 910XT and sure enough it dropped out at the same time as the PC-7.

What makes no sense is why HR and speed dropped out some times, unless it is interference in my flat- I've never noticed power dropping out on the road, but that said I am normally looking where I am going rather than staring at the PC-7.

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by ms6073

I have read of some people getting interference of ANT+ HR data from floor fans placed in front of the trainer but that should not the power meter. Based on the description and the data dropouts, that might be be a bad/loose solder connection on one of the battery leads but more likely a problem with the PCB in the powermeter. Check the battery leads/connections and if they look good, probably best to contact an SRM service center and offer that description to see what they say.
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by Dammit

I emailed SRM yesterday, hopefully they will reply today.

I suppose it could be a coincidence that the hr data drops at roughly the same time as the power and cadence, but then when the speed stops also that seems very strange.

Yet I checked with two head units.

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