Powercordz with Sram Force

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by Jwhelan939

Is anyone using this combo? I was just wondering what people do about the cabel channeling on the rear derailleur. I was worried it would fray at that point. Anyone have any tips as to what worked for them? I tried placing a piece of the liner supplied with the prime system there but it was way to big to fit in the channel. Thanks in advanced.

by Weenie

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by sungod

afaik the force rd cable path is similar to the red rd, i just run the cord through the guide, it's fine...


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by Jwhelan939

Yup! That's what it looks like. I was afraid it would fray. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

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by theremery

Mine did eventually fray (but it took a year) and so when I replaced it, I lined the cable that goes through there with a tight-fitting piece of mini-ilink liner.and reset the channel slightly (then polished it super smooth). Seemed ok. A gunged up cable elsewhere caused a rebuild (in haste) and I haven't rebuilt with another Cordz yet, but will re-do that system.
Red and Force are indeed the same.
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