Has anyone done a weenie job on a cheapo carbon saddle?

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by BobSantini

I was looking at the carbon saddles on Alibaba. People say they are hard.
It occurred to me that if you perforated the shell with lots of holes where your sit bones go that would make the shell more flexible as well as lighter.
I have no idea how much perforation would be good or even how much flex is too much. I guess it's a suck it and see sort of deal and I'm tempted to try it.
Any advice from experienced seat drillers is welcome.
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by Weenie

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by 1415chris

Winter, perfect time for testing.
Just don't forget to buy more than one saddle, in the case your drill too many wholes :wink:

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by 1spd

Years ago, I drilled out an original Flight saddle. That saddle shell is more plastic and was more flexible. I would be very reluctant to drill out a solid carbon saddle for fear of it simply cracking. Having said that, I just cut the rails out of my "cheap" carbon saddle (a Merek). The saddle is frickn solid and hard yes! It didn't fled very much at all but yes there is some flex. For me the Merek saddle shape just didn't work for me so I hacked the rails out of it and bonded them to an SLR shell that had been stripped. The shape fits me like a glove but will add that it too is pretty damn solid! Very little flex and I can't say that I really feel any flex when I am riding.
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by echtogammut

I could be wrong, but I don't think drilling holes in a hard carbon fiber saddle will make it flex more, but it will make it more prone to stress fractures. Carbon fiber is a resin impregnated fabric, so its movement and strength is dictated by its weft direction, resin compound and layers.

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by btompkins0112

echtogammut wrote:I could be wrong, but I don't think drilling holes in a hard carbon fiber saddle will make it flex more

You are not incorrect.

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by hillrider

I did this to my carbon SLR

No holes,just weight loss!!

by Weenie

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by weeracerweenie

I rode one and there was little to nil flex in the thing... pretty bumpy. I would suggest drilling in the centre where the nerves and boy bits are to relieve pressure on your body, also the crowne of the saddle is the most likely the rigid point. Id be amazed if it cracked. A slot down the middle would be my suggestion...

Or do what i did and get a second hand SLR strip the foam and leather (30 grams). Total weight 100grams. Easy
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