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by TriBikeDecision

I would love some opinions on this... I have had a pre fit for a new tri bike at 2 stores and my options are 2013 Trek Speed Concept 7.8, 2013 Specialized Shiv, 2013 Cannondale Slice. Any help would be greatly appreciated. From my research I am leaning towards the Shiv or Speed Concept. The Speed Concept to me seems to have an advantage due to the integrated electronics and draft box. But maybe this doesn't mean as much as I think when it comes to drag and function?

I think Slow Twitch might be the better forum for you

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by btompkins0112

You mean a time trial bike???

Not sure what this "tri bike" is of which you speak.....

by Weenie

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by 520 Dan

Actually in the case of the speed concept it is (at least the consumer version) a Tri bike that we are all using for TTs. Bottle mounts everywhere, draftbox all kinds of stuff cyclists dont need and can't use.

That being said whatever bike fits you best, but I would go with the SC or the Slice. Much better value for the money.

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by luckypuncheur

Speed Concept, no doubt. Spesh is out for aesthetic reasons.
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by hansonator69

Slice RS :thumbup:
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by fa63

You would probably get a lot more responses to this over at the Slowtwitch forums:

by Weenie

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