New Pedals, going from Dura Ace 7800

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by v70cat

I have Dura-Ace 7800 pedal and I was looking to reduce weight by going to Look Keo Blade Carbon/Ti axle.

Is that the best option?

by Weenie

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by boots2000

Or you could do Keo blade or Keo2Max carbon and put aftermarket ti spindles in them.
My Keo2Max carbons are like 185 grams/pair and cost way less than a set of Ti Blades.

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by v70cat

I found them online for $299 US Dollars with TI.

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by BdaGhisallo

Check out Keywin if you want light weight and a solid design.

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by v70cat

I would rather go with Look since they weight almost the same and are the company that invented clip less.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Look are great, I had then previously. But to discount Keywin, in favour of Look, on the logic you gave isn't really the best way to go about it.

If we all did that, we'd be on one type of wheel, frame and groupset.

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by asv

I think the logic is pretty sound because Look pedals are ubiquitous and we are talking about a part that has consumable component. You can go into any bike store and get new cleats or get warranty service.

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by cymans

i have a pair of these, and are great ! ... t_8_Review

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by Briscoelab

I love my 7900 DA pedals. If you are coming off of the last generation DA pedals don't forget about them.

Pretty light, great durability.

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by djconnel

I'm excited about the new UltraLites, although the cleat doesn't look very good to walk in.

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by maxxevv

The 7800 and the 7810 pedals are really worlds apart in performance and feel. Even though they are of similar part number.

7800 pedal:

7810 pedal:

Their weights are remarkably similar but feel and overall durability is quite different as the 7810 uses steel wear plates. And they are significantly wider, you can actually feel it. The 7900 is about 10% lighter than the 7810. So its still probably the best pedal they have due to the Alu body.

Other than weight, Keo2Max and SPD-SL pedals function quite similarly. But the main difference being the Shimano cleats will typically outlast the Look cleats 3:1. Especially if you stay/live in a city area that requires plenty of start / stops, over and above the normal coffee/drink stops.

If you're not in a big hurry, maybe you can hang around a bit and give the new Time Xpresso pedals a try. They are light and the iClic2 system its based on was pretty good as far as feedback on its useability went.

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by mrfish

If you're looking for best function, stick with DA 7900.

For decent weight and function, I'd try some Time RX-series titanium. They are a bit old now, but the cleats work for years, don't snap and the pedals have none of the problems which the iclics had. The expressos might work, but then they might not.

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by v70cat

Found the Looks for $300 and they should be coming today. Thanks for your help and comments. I will give you my review of the Looks in a few weeks.


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by PSM

After 5 yeras with KéO Carbon and the problem getting in them I decided to try D-A 900. I do not regret that.
Simply far better pedals than KéO. More solid. Easier to klick in. Go D-A.

by Weenie

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by v70cat

The Looks tend to hang sideways so clicking in is a little harder.

They less than half of the old 7800's and are very easy to clip out of.

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