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by PoorCyclist

Interested in adding this to my DA caliper (Ti brake shoe bolt and backing t-nut)


It says save total 5G for these few bolts, does anyone know approx. how much this would save over the OE steel hardware? I am skeptical so I think -7g for 1 caliper.

Also, I need to order a much longer brake nut about 32mm, the fork crown is oversized 1.5" and some of these calipers already gives a short stud. So the front brake, I am guessing I need 5 turns minimum engagement on the threads to be safe? Also, I feel I want to go with Ti instead of Aluminum recessed nut for better durability, what are your thoughts on the material?

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by eric

Aren't the little 2mm pad stoppers aluminium already? That's all you need there.

I also have felt paranoid about using an aluminium brake nut at least on the front where there is theorticaly more force on the nut (also more bad can happen if the front brake comes loose). So I used Ti there too. You want the threads to engage at least the diameter of the bolt. So if it's a 5mm bolt and 1mm pitch threads then 5 turns would do it. This numbers are examples- I don't think it's 1mm pitch, more likely .8mm.

I'd want at least 1 diameter.

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