fizik superlight or lizard skin race bar tape

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by 1415chris

Cinelli cork 33.5g on the 44cm bar. Plugs 5.7g
I's thinking about lizard's dsp 1.8mm, but that weight.....
It would be very useful to have confirmed numbers.

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by mellowJohnny

All in my LizardSkins 2.5 (the heavier stuff) came in at 66g. That's the rolls, the plugs, and the nice finishing tape, which is definitely heavier than standard electrical tape.

I had about 5 cm left over on a 42 cm bar, so my "installed weight" is a bit lower.

Next time I'll switch to the 1.8 as I find the 2.5 a bit thick, but it's the best tape I've ever had. Love the grip. I've run the Fizik as well and liked the "throwback" feel - but it's just slightly more comfortable than cloth tape. :-)

Shop around - you can get it pretty cheap (relatively speaking) if you look. Try Universal Cycles...

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by AC0

Anyone try the new Fizik Superlight tacky tape:" onclick=";return false;

I saw some samples and it is rubbery like the Lizard Skin tape.


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by wojchiech

I'm also curious about the fizik superlight tacky tape. I loved the soft grippy feel of the lizardskins, but I don't think they even lasted two months of riding before the tape started coming apart. On the other hand, I went back to regular fizik microtex, and the same tape has lasted me three seasons. :lol: Not too bad at 60g trimmed.

If that fizik superlight tacky tape has a similar feel and weight to the lizardskins, but microtex durability, I'd be willing to try it. So has anybody here tried that fizik superlight tacky tape?

roca rule
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by roca rule

if you want black bar tape lizzard skins are hard to beat. they are light grippy and sort of comfortable. the cons are you should be careful when intalling it as it should not be stretch, any othe color than black is a pain to clean (the lighter the color the harder to clean). lizzard skins are expensive for something that only last for less tha a year under my sweat.

the fizik is not as light as the lizzard skins, not comfortable, and not as grippy. The good about the fizik tape is that you can pull and make it comform onto almost any bar, it is easy to clean, it is really durable, comes in a myriad of colors and is almost 50% less that the lizzard skins.

my new favorite tape is the perforated deda as
it is as light as the lizzard skins
white tape is easier to clean and make white again compared to the lizzard skins
it is bit stetchier that the fizzik and wraps the best out of the three
it is grippier than the lizzard skins even with sweaty hands
it is the cheapest option so if you do not like it, it is not that big of a deal.

that fizik tacky could be really good if it has the same or better grip as the lizzard skins and last as long as microtex even if it's not as light.

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by hetchins68

I like my new 3.2 lizard skin. kinda bulky but comfy! :mrgreen:

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by Juanmoretime

I just went from Deda to the Lizard Skins DSP 1.8 and do find it very tacky. The 1.8 is not as cushioned as the Deda but I still like it just as well as the Deda which has been my favorite for years.

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by mattyb95

What about the Arundel Gecko Grip tape, anyone used that?

I have used both Lizard Skins and Fizik and prefer the Lizard Skins but even shopping around it's over £20 so quite pricey and in white it dirties quickly.

I plan to try the Arundel next as its supposedly similar to the Lizard Skins in feel but a lot cheaper. Weight wise it's similar too, found a thread on here where it was measured at 9 grams more than the Lizard Skins Race tape which isn't bad at all.

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by NealH

I will echo the positive comments on Lizard Skin - and the negative comment on the white color. The tape is excellent, appropriately cushioned and tacky. A very good feel to it. But cleaning LS white is a fact its more than a pain - its virtually impossible. I use it anyway and do the best that I can.

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by 1415chris

Deda perforated, all out of box came to 47g.

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by bonedpwinkle

Loved the feel of the Lizard Skins but it was slippery as heck once I worked up a good sweat. I don't wear gloves and here in Florida, it was downright dangerous for me. No one else had this issue?

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