New WW project - Cinelli Pro Estrada 2010

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by litespeeder

Hi everyone,

after three years without a roadbike, I decide to start with a new project.
My first thaughts were to build up a Litespeed Ghisallo (which I own also in the past), but the frame is really hard to find and if you can get a used one, also too expensive (around 1500€ for a >2006 model) for me. Now I've bought a used 2010 Cinelli Pro Estrada framest (BB30, around 900gr+395gr), because I really like the white/black/red team paint scheme. I just paid 600€ for the set and for additional 150€ I get a used RAM seatpost (which I will trade for a Cinelli graphics), a RAM handlebar and two Cinelli bottle cages. A Campa Super Record, a Cinelli Graphics stem and a RAM saddle are a must which will follow. For the wheelset, i think of a very light combination of Extralite hubs (already have a 140gr rear slx for 200€) together with 20mm chinese carbon rims. Pedals should be Aerolite. No idea for brakes and a light crank set. The goal is to build a setup around 5.5kg for not more than 2500€ (with new or slighly used parts). What do you think about it?

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by lammy

Sounds like a great project, Im new to cycling so cant offer any advice but I am keen to see how this develops..
Good Luck

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by brearley

cinelli bars, stem and seatpost are all relatively heavy compared to what you can get for less money.

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by litespeeder

I know this, but a Cinelli without Cinelli bar (250gr), stem(110gr) and seatpost(240gr)? Can't imagine this...should look really great with! ;-)

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by fivethirtyonepm

great frame and great build, but you're never going to get that anywhere near the sub 6kg mark.

my betting is on circa 6.35kgs based on the following logic:-

frame (real weight with hangers and seat collar) - 1,000g
fork - 400g
wheelset (ex skewers) - 1,350g
tyres (either tubs with glue or clinchers with tubes) - 550g
skewers - 50g
groupset with cables - 1,900g
saddle - 160g
seatpost - 180g
stem - 120g
bars - 250g
pedals - 250g
bar tape - 60g
headset and top cap - 80g

the cinelli stuff is lovely, but as with the deda stuff, if you believe the claimed weights, you will also believe that the world is flat.

don't get too hung up over all-out weight, but concentrate on putting together a really cohesive, quick and comfortable build, which by the sounds of your spec, you are going to get!

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by litespeeder

A short update - added a picture with the stuff, I own already. I'm sure the bike finally will be a really beauty ;-)
Not on the picture is the frame matching Cinelli RAM2 stem-integrated handlebar.
Next step: Building the wheelset with farsports 50mm lightweight tubular rims (UD finish) with Extralite hubs, white CX-ray spokes and red nipples :-)
Anybody here with a good idea about a light brakeset (sub 180)? Also need Campagnolo SR 11s stuff (shifters and derailleurs). Will keep you updated...

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by Wolfgang

That really looks like a great start to a sweet build...I look forward to the finished pics...

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by manne


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