Zipp 101 - uneven breaking in the rear, faulty surface?

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by pbateman

Hi there,

I picked up a set of Zipp 101s and the rear wheel brakes unevenly. Even under very moderate deceleration, I feel a very strong pulsing in the brake as if it's catching only on part of the wheel. Under hard braking it chirps loudly and pulses hard at each "catch." The wheels have 600 miles on them.

The hub is tight, the wheel is true (according to 4 different techs at different shops), and my brake pads are properly adjusted for the wheel. We even filed them down to bring up a fresh surface, and still the terrible rear braking persists. Does anyone know what could be causing this? I've heard that sometimes the braking surface can bulge or bubble on new wheels which seems totally plausible given my situation. If that's the case, how can I check for that and prove that's the issue? If I can't sort this out, next stop is the Zipp warranty department which I'm not looking forward to.


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by thisisatest

Try lowering the brake pads about a millimeter from where you have them. My front 101 exhibited this until I noticed that the pads were a bit higher than I had them on the rear wheel. When I lowered them, it was gone.

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