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by brearley

moving from a deda newton anatomical bar I'm now looking for a classic drop bar
the obvious option would be a deda newton shallow drop as I like the curve on it but are there any others that should be considered. I'm looking at pairing them up with a ritchey wcs 260 stem. Have also looked at the ec90 slx handlebar and a few others, just looking for options at the moment, stiffness and weight come first

by Weenie

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by Ghastly

Ritchey WCS Classic, as you already have a Ritchey stem and because it's a nice handlebar...

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by kgt


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by em3

You need to be more specific...are you looking for classic Belgian deep drop (e.g. Deda deep drop) or a short and shallow bend? Also I think most would not consider the Easton SLX3 bar a classic round bend, it is actually more in line with the elliptical (half moon) bend common in many of today's so-called compact handlebars. The older Easton EC90 Equipe bar (no longer produced) IMO is the best classic round bar...flat ramps, short reach transition to the hooks and shallow drop, all in a real classic round bend.

See more about bar shapes here: ... -geometry/" onclick=";return false;

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by micky

If you've already a Ritchey stem go for the Classic bars.

Althought I have a soft spot for Deda Newton Shallow. :D

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by Wester-Ross

For stiffness the Pro Vibe 7S comes in a classic shape (80 reach, 130 drop).

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by brearley

i dont have a ritchey stem yet but was planning to buy one, i actually have a deda zero 100 stem at the moment but the weight and looks of the ritchey can't be overlooked so will be buying one. I am looking for a short and shallow drop more than a deep drop as I am quite compact, also does anybody know whether ritchey measure their bars outside to outside like deda or centre to centre? only reason i ask is i want a 42cm outside to outside bar

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by headwind816

Ritchey measures its handlebars ctc at the drops.

I agree with a previous post in that the discontinued Easton EC90 traditional bend is the best I used, which includes the Deda Newton shallow, VCRC traditional bend (light at 229 grams; still have this bar in my parts bin ;)), Cutter TB, and 3T Rotundo.

The FSA Energy TB is suppose to be.

I want to try the Zipp SL TB bar ... just don't have the dough to do so :(

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by MrHeng

How about the Zipp Service Course SLorCSL traditional bend. 285g(44cm) , u do the math :)

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by irf3

3T Rotundo is a great bar too.

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by cerro

Ritchey if you have a Ritchey stem. Nice bend and perfect match with a stem from same company. I had an Newton Shallow since earlier so am using it, otherwise I would have bought Ritchey. Zipp has a bit too long reach (87mm).
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by Powerful Pete

Another vote for Deda Newton shallow.
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by KWalker

Zipp and Pro are not true traditional- weird takes on ergo and shallow bend bars.

3T rotundo is my favorite. Everything else on my bike is Deda, but I refuse to change these.
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by theremery

Zipp SL.
180g, classic bend available (as is short and shallow) and has a Vuka option that is aero shaped (ish) a little on the tops tho the Vuka is seriously expensive. Comfortable, stiff and light. Lightens the pocket a bit more than most :)
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by BdaGhisallo

Easton EC90 Equipe Pro bend - the finest traditional drop bar shape ever made, imo.

Occasionally they pop up on Ebay in the Easton TKO track bar guise. They are heavier than the EC90 Equipe, but it's a price worth paying to get that shape!!

by Weenie

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