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by davidalone

Hi guys

as we all know, saddle choice is abit of a unique and sensitive issue. once we've found something we like we usually tend to stick with it. personally I've found success with the fizik antares which I've used for 3 years with no problems.
I'm two weeks out from a major race and my saddle has developed a very significant crack in the shell, which creates sort of a hot spot in the saddle for me. The local shops are fresh out of antares saddles (unless I want to splurge for the mad expensive antares 00, which I don't see apoint in). I have used the arione (which I have a spare of) and it does reasonably well for me, but not perfect...

how would you go about choosing a replacement from a different maker that has a good chance of pleasing your bum? of course, shapre, length and width would be some factors... any others? the sponsor's store sells selle italaia regales, which look the part as pretty muc similar, but I'm not 100% convinced. thoughts?

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by Don

I would choose a saddle on the basis of shape and size. The Antares is 142 x 274mm and is categorized as a "flat" saddle. There is no exact match to the Antares that I know. The Regale is described by San Marco as wide and flat, 150 x 278 mm. The concern is whether it is too wide. The San Marco Zoncolan is narrow (also longer) and flat, 129 x 286. The concern is whether it is too narrow. The Prologo Zero is another possibility at 134 x 278mm. If the width of your Fizik Arione is not an issue for you then the Prologo Zero might be the better match as it is similar in width and is categorized as a flat saddle.

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by lechat

Sounds similar to a Toupe 143mm. Worth a shot if you've never tried one.

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by Imaking20

I don't think the toupe and Antares feel similar at all. My fizik hates me...

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by fitty4

Only based on look the prologo kappa shape seems similar to me, even with a little dent in the middle to copy the hotspot in your cracked saddle :smartass:

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by Zen Cyclery

Check out one of the Dash Saddles. They have a free demo program going right now so you can try before you buy. They are exceptionally comfortable.

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by asv

Why not just buy an Antares on the Internet? :noidea:

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