Tufo tubular clincher tires

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by 1spd

Ok, so these may not be the lightest thing out there but a few friends of mine seem to be really happy with them. Anyone have any thoughts? Ride quality similar to that of a tubular? Durability? Anyone have some actual weights on the S33 Pro?

I was doing a little research and Tufo mentions they use a measuring scale called TEW which apparently compares their tire weight to that of an open clincher. Basically stating that a weight listing of 160g is equal to an open clincher of 160g. Why not just list an actual weight? I guess this gets a little confusing when you look at a tubular clincher (say the S33 Pro) that weighs 335g. Well that sounds a little heavy imo. I mean an average tube is only 100g (obviously there are lighter ones out there). With that said you could pick up any number of clincher tires that come in at about 230g or so and hit the same weight or lower for that matter. However, I guess you wouldn't have to worry about pinch flats any longer.

I have been on tubes for the past 5 months or so now and have yet to get a flat though I did have to replace a tire due to a cut in the sidewall.

I'm basically bringing this up as I need to pick up some tires for a second set of wheels that I have. They are on the heavier side of things anyway (Velocity Deep V, Sapim spokes, Brass nips, White Industries hubs) but they are pretty stiff and built well. Figure i will use them for my winter/training wheels.
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by stdu007

You do not need to quote the above post

Tufo C elite Jet <160 g TEW* (<225 g total) so = to 225g total for a clincher tyre + tube + rim tape ... not 160g ... i'm riding tne cs3 and very link it ... i choose these one because of the 21mm width instead of 20mm for the c elite jet ...

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by Rick

It just seems like the Tufo combines the disadvantages of both tire types rather than giving any advantages.
You still need the heavier clincher type rim, but also have to carry around heavier tires that are difficult to repair. :noidea:
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by sungod


also, i can't see the rolling resistance being close to a decent tub, let alone the best clinchers

compared to veloflex carbon tubs, tufo elite jet tubs cost you almost 20 watts extra at just 35kph, i'd expect the clincher-tub version to be even worse

vittoria's open corsa evo cx has the best figures i've seen for a mainstream tyre, they would be about 27w better than the tufo tubs

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by mdeth1313

I used these for at least 3 years. After a short time (maybe a month), they get pretty hard- they've been compared to riding on a garden hose. I'd have to agree. BUT, during those 3 years of using their "clinchers", I had zero flats. None. They are durable as all hell, especially if you put some tufo sealant in there. Mine were the s33 specials. In the end it's all about what you value most, but they are not WW and they ride like crap.
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by 1spd

Well, I have sort of already decided to stick what has worked for me in the past. Conti 4000s clinchers. Not the best at anything but seem to do everything decent. They weigh in at about 206g each (at least my last set did) which is considerably lighter than the cheesey Hutchinson tires that came with the bike. (330g ea.) I figure this will be the tire I ride on the heavier set of wheels and find something a little more racey for the lighter set (not that they are really a light set of wheels either mind you).

Thought about going with a set of Veloflex for those but will worry about that as we get closer to spring.
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