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by phatphuk

mikefromcanmore wrote:...HT is 1/8 - 1/4...

thank you mikefromcanmore,

you've got a gorgeous looking bike there! you clearly have exquisite taste in bike frames :) thanks for sharing the pix and the info.

cyclingyong shipped my unpainted CY-S5 to the u.k. paint shop that'll be doing my custom paint scheme. it arrived at the paint shop on feb 7th.

i figured it would be less hassle (and cheaper) to have cyclingyong ship the frame to the u.k. paint shop, rather than have them ship it to me and then me forwarding it to the paint shop (100+ miles away from me; and I don't own a car).

i'm expecting to have the painted frame home by the end of feb. that would give me ample time to order and have delivered, a new headset to replace the stock neco headset that cyclinyong shipped with the S5 frame.

the thing is though, without the actual frame or fork or stock neco headset to refer to, i can't definitively work out what would be a compatible replacement headset for the stock neco one.

that's where you come in, mikefromcanmore :)

please can you tell me, either:

1. the model/part number for the CY-S5's stock neco headset (from either here or here)


2. the brand, model and specs of whatever headset you might have replaced your stock neco with?

for example, steerer tube outer diameter? bearing bore diameter? upper & lower bearing depth? bearing seat chamfer angles? the usual suspects?

the whole of china is on a 3 week vacation at the moment. so, even though i have messaged 3 or 4 sellers of the CY-S5 to ask them for the headset specs, i'm not holding my breath waiting for their reply.

the u.k. paint shop is a one-man-band. so he's too busy painting frames to reply to my pestering emails ;) besides, he's an artist, not a "wrench"; so he probably wouldn't know a chamfer from a chamois.

if there're any other CY-S5 owners out there, please don't hesitate to chime in?

thanks in advance for you replies.

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