SRM and Garmin Edge 800 - incorrect slope and offset

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by danielbahia

Hi Alex,

Thank you!

Actually I'm just waiting the new PC8 to be launched at Eurobike according rumors, with GPS and other modern features, to leave Garmin. But if the problem is on Garmin, at least is not a big issue.

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by Dammit

alexaqui wrote:Seems that the problem is that you are using a Garmin. Why not pick up a refurbished PC7 for less money than your "feature packed" and buggy Garmins? My life has improved so much since I switched from a PowerTap and Garmin setup to a SRM/SRM setup. It just works. If you want to do social media activities like tracking your routes via mapmyride/Strava, you can always use your phone. At least the important stuff will be super duper reliable (e.g., power, HR, speed, cadence).

If only this was true!

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by climber8

It IS true. For GPS, garmin is the real option. For reliability and never losing data files...pc7. It is ridiculous that one can ride with a garmin, see numbers, and come home with no data (forgot to press start). Storage is cheap....if speed, power and hr are present, why not always record?

I have plenty of smart athletes who have lost data this way to a of many ways to lose gar,in data.

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by Dammit

I have a powertap G3 which I use with a Fenix 2 or an Edge 800, I also have a P2M type S which I use with the same head units. They've worked perfectly and were simplicity itself to install.

I've had 3 SRM's, still got one with a PC-7, and it makes me not want to ride the bike it is on due to it's temperamental "will it work/won't it work" issues.

However, it does constantly record- although what it records is a lot of dropouts.

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