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by poppiholla

I bought the Assos Rs. Sturmprinz. The shop send me size XL and size XLG to try. I will send back the size that I don't choose.
The luxery and/or problem is that I can try the Sturmprinz at home so I have all the time in the world to try all kinds of combinations with it, but the more I try the less I am confident to pick the right size.
The XL seems ok in the cycling position, but with a (thick) baselayer and jersey combination or even a jersey under it, it seems a bit tight. I feels tight and a bit wrapped up. Especially a little bit under my arms, neck and sleeves. I doesn't look like I am a sausage in size XL. Far from that, but it feels a little bit more restricted and hotter.
When I try the XLG it feels much more comfy. I have definitely more room to move and I don't feel wrapped up. The problem with XLG is the amount of fabric around my waist and chest in the cycling position. I think it will be a little bit flapping in the wind. Also the amount of fabric under the arms and on the shoulders will probably flapping in the wind. I hate flapping fabric in the wind when I am on the bike.

Conclusion; I can't decide. It seems like XL should be the correct size, because it fits in the cycling position although it feels not 100% comfy. I normally have size XLG for all my Assos jerseys, bibs, jackets so picking size XL for the Sturmprinz feels a bit strange and it doesn't give me confidence. Can you help me out guys?

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by mattyb95

Why not just get something else instead?

I had this same issue with some Assos shorts. Bought a pair of tights in XLG and they are one of my favourite pieces of kit. Saw a good deal on some shorts but the XLG were too big and the smaller size too tight so as much as I wanted a pair of Assos shorts, particularly at the price they were, it just wasn't worth it as the fit was wrong.

That said, how often would you wear the multiple layers that make the smaller one tight, if only occasionally then that may be the better bet. Assos stuff is a lot of money though and I'd expect the fit to be perfect.

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