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by kets

Hi, i went to my LBS and was looking for new helmet.
Tried Specialized Prevail in M size and compared it with Propero ii which has asian fit (s/m).
I noticed that the Propero has more round profile and i look like wearing a mushroom from front view.
The Prevail on the other hand fits better.
So my question is, is asian fit supposed to have rounder shape than standard (oval) fit?

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by Getter

I had no idea that there was an "Asian Fit" for a helmet. I'm Asian and I have a medium Prevail.

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by adidavas

it is asian fit on glasses, but not on helmets. I really don't hear anything about asian helmets.

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by Stolichnaya

If I recall correctly, Giro took data from some absurd about of skull measurements across the USA and came up with the best general baseline fit. Being the melting pot, I would assume that there was a good genetic cross section being contemplated with just US heads alone to factor in Asian specifics.

There are helmets that are narrow, egg shaped, round, but I am not aware of any cultural orientation being designed expressly into any models by the big brands. I recommend that you visit a bunch of bike shops and simply walk out with the one that fits YOU best.

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by ipenguinking

I'm an asian and I've found Lazer fits my round head the best. However I'm wearing an Aeon becasue it's part of team kit.

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by CharlesM

That's because Lazer doesn't do what giro does and specialized does and simply push your head forward against the helmet liner... The laser system holds your head securely away from the helmet shell and fits virtually all head shapes.

The shapes have nothing to do with being Asian specific.

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by kets

yup yup, got a reply from Specialized.
They have 2 different sizing sets, the standard ones (S/M/L) and asian fit which only available for asian market (S/M & L/XL)
Compared them side by side and yup, standard ones are narrower (more oval) than the asian fit.
Oh and, the standard M size are 2cm smaller than asian S/M size.

Thanks for the heads up guys!

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by elviento

Giro models (regardless of its claim) tend not to fit majority of the Asian population, unless you go one size larger and allow for a baseball at the back. BTW, western-raised Asians tend to have slightly more oval heads as they are raised differently as infants than the ASIAN Asians.

OGK makes some rounder shapped helmets which are pretty popular in Asian countries. Such as this sub-200g Mostro.

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by illskittlz

How can I order one of those Evade Asian fit helmets?

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