Powertap g3 vs alchemy ORC

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by mclaren

Hi, I currently have a set of alloy wheels with an alchemy ORC rear hub but was wondering how the stiffness and quality of the wheel would change if I have the wheel rebuilt with a powertap G3? The reason I'm asking is because I'm really hard on wheels and have ruined several sets over the years. I weigh 200lbs and ride on many broken Tarmac.

Thanks in advance

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Zen Cyclery
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by Zen Cyclery

The flange spacing on the G3 is much narrower than the ORC. This will make the wheel much softer from a lateral aspect. At your weight, I'm not sure it would be the best idea.
What kind of rims are you on right now?

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by natefontaine

The differences between these two hubs seems very small to me, maybe even an advantage to the G3 due to the larger flange of the DS. One mm difference in flange spacing does not seem like much.

Weight: +103g | Center to DS: -2.2mm | Center to NDS: +1.2mm | Flange Diameter DS , NDS: +15mm , -1mm

G3:. 325g | 17.4mm | 38.0mm | 57.0mm , 57.0mm
Orc: 222g | 19.6mm | 36.8mm | 42.0mm , 58.0mm

*edited the Center to NDS from 36.0 to 36.8
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by thisisatest

center to NDS should be 1.0mm according to your measurements.
the center to DS is much more telling. at 2mm difference, that's huge. the NDS spoke tension will be a higher percentage of the DS spoke tension with the Alchemy.

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by mclaren

Thanks for the advice, then rims I have are hed Ardennes

The reason the the powertap is for an affordable powermeter. Crank based solutions seem to be out of my price range unless anyone has any suggestions.

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by petromyzon

The G3s are much better than the old Powertaps, but worse than the ORC, which has some of if not the best dimensions on the market. Whether a G3/Ardennes build is acceptable to you will probably depend on spoke count.

I know money is an issue but why on earth would you rebuild? ORC is an expensive hub so you will lose money even if you re-sell at a good price. Then you have to pay for new spokes, a G3 and a rebuild. Better to build an entirely new PT wheel with a rim and spoke count to suit your riding. If you find yourself never using the ORC wheel, sell that intact.

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by HakanC

mclaren wrote:Crank based solutions seem to be out of my price range unless anyone has any suggestions.

Were are you?
Here in Europe a Power2Max power meter is about the same as a PT-wheel
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by WMW

Zen Cyclery wrote:The flange spacing on the G3 is much narrower than the ORC.

I think you must not have actually looked at one or read the specs. The DS offset is less on the G3, but the NDS is higher. It will be laterally stiff until one or more NDS spokes go slack due to radial loading.

If you aren't interested in using 11spd cassettes you can probably lace the DS 1x heads-in. And/or use heavier spokes on the DS.
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by durianrider


Maybe its time to for healthy dietary focus vs hub focus. ;) My mate went from 300lb to 150lb and its like he is on EPO. Seriously.

Ive got a power tap pro + and love it. The power2max crank gets good reviews on line and is cheap. You can also fit the bb30 axle with a special bottom bracket to fit most BSA frames. Look it up.
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