Best tyre set-up for serious racing

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by theremery

Serious racing? Veloflex on a good latex tube. If the road has small chip or hard seal hotmix go the records, otherwise use the corsa/master versions. Smooth roads? go 20mm, rough roads use the 22/23 versions. They puncture easily with glass (especially in the wet) but are fine with grit.
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by 2011

I've been riding Conti GP 4000s for over a year now, using the SuperSonic tubes and veloplugs, and have not once had a puncture or flat. If something is sharp enough to get through the tire, it's certainly going to get through the tube... so riding thick tubes is really unnecessary.

They are comfortable enough for long rides, and have even done many fast crit races in the pouring rain and felt very confident in the wet sharp cornering with these tires.
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easy choice: pro race 4 (black, 23mm, 8 bar), latex tubes (Michelin).

Light, sticky, supple. Gp4000 ride like trucks, not supple in any way, you'll juddering along as you flick oast them. Schawbes are fine, but really just Michelin wannabes.

Hang out at your local races, and see what the Cat1/eloites are using.


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by ProudDaddy wrote:Hang out at your local races, and see what the Cat1/eloites are using.

I can tell you what they use by me. If they/their team has a tire sponsor, that is what they are on, otherwise most I know that buy their own ride vittorias or veloflex. And most race on tubs anyway, but if going clinchers I'd recommend veloflex corsa/master with latex tubes. If not on tubs, I use that combo on my clincher setup for training and it is race worthy. Off season I go with either gatorskin or paves, and have some veloflex arenbergs aging that I will try out for next spring classics.

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