Any meaningful weight deductions for a Madone 7?

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by Bregne

bikewithnoname wrote:Pretty sure the OP asked for weight loss suggestions for his bike, you guys wanna get a room and discuss your flexibility in private? :wink:

Haha, totally made my day :lol:

Talking about the original topic, Powercordz, should be considered. Will save you about 50 grams or so.

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by fjdelvalle

That is a great looking bike you got there. I can say that because mine, except for the wheels, saddle, and being a 52cm, is identical. Mine with the wheels that I purchased through Trek, I think they're Race X Lites, the new ones that can be converted to tubeless, came in at 14lb 6oz.

Just curious, have you had any problems with your brake cable vibrating inside the frame?

I've already raced it, the comfort level of this bike, while still being plenty stiff, is impressive. Unfortunately, I got it right at the end of the season here, only got to race it twice. Looking forward to racing it this coming season.

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by KWalker

All I could think of is an Antares VS saddle, I-links, and the expander/compression plug. Maybe lighter tires?
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by aaric

Fizik Antares VS saddle for a Antares 00 - depends on how much you like the VS
iLinks. Powercords if you are going ultra weenie.
Could save some grams on the chainrings - the 2012 red ones are porky, but you might lose stiffness.
K-Edge for a barfly, racewaredirect, or ebay plastic mount. IIRC the aluminum is a few grams heavier than the plastic ones

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by Lawfarm

Before this, I came from a Ridley Noah.

The Madone is much, much several pounds.

It feels faster when spinning up to speed, likely because of the light weight.

It feels faster in crosswinds as well...I'd be really curious to compare actual wattage, but I don't have good controls to compare to from the Ridley.

The biggest change? Composure. There is no flex in the Madone, much like the Ridley...the bottom bracket and chainstays transmit 100% of your effort into tractive force. But unlike the Ridley, the ride isn't coarse. The Ridley transmitted ever pebble up the seatstays into the relatively massive integrated seatpost. The Madone, either by virtue of the different carbon, spindly (brake-free) seat stays or smaller seatmast, does a much better job of dampening vibration, road noise, potholes, cracks, etc.

No--maybe the lightness is the biggest change. :lol: After my first ride on the Madone, I came back to the bike shop, and the first words out of my mouth were "you can feel all of the lightness that they added to the bike." It sounds stupid, but it's true. You can feel every ounce of lightness that they "added."

I think for now, I'll keep it as-built, and as things need updates, I'll keep weenieing in mind (e.g. when it needs new housing, etc.). I love this bike.

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by Bregne

Like mentioned on another forum, the chainring on the new Red is very heavy (about 150 gr)

Could also be a place to lose some weight.

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