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by simonanks69

Hey guys
So I was racing today, and as I cornered at high speed (+45kmh) I rode over a small rock and my rear tyre exploded. I was using Schwalbe ZX tyres. Any recommendations for a clincher wheel?
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by Willier

Continental GP 4000S is my favorite tire, never had any problems with flats. I also did some riding on gravel with them
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by Weenie

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by Kastrup

I have also had great luck with the GP 4000s, to me it brings together a bit of all the great aspects of a road tyre.

Even more durable is the Michelin Krylion Carbon.
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by Stalkan

Never really looked too closely at the 4000 but how similar is it to the Force? I ask because the other day on a training ride I ran over a small stone that I must have caught just right and it cut my sidewall causing a flat. It wasn't able to get past the Vectran but the tread also had a nice gash in it. Sidewalls are going to be the weak point in any tire, but the Shwalbes R.1 9 (predecessor to the ZX) that I have owned have worn through the sidewall without anything ever rubbing them. Other than two events that would kill any tire my Conti Force/Attack combo has been virtually flat proof.

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by bura

Kastrup wrote:I have also had great luck with the GP 4000s, to me it brings together a bit of all the great aspects of a road tyre.


The Conti Four Seasons has tougher sidewalls though.
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by padde

Usually, tire manufacturers will produce racing oriented tires with some extra sidewall reinforcement. Continental makes the 4 Season (w/Duraskin) whereas Schwalbe produce the Ultremo DD (w/Snakeskin). Personally I have found the 4 Season to be pretty tough - albeit not "touring tire tough" - and raceable.

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by HillRPete

Can you post a pic of the tyre? Either you were very unlucky, or something bad very happend. Or maybe both. Did the rock slash open the sidewall?

by Weenie

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