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by 1415chris

If this is your optimal saddle height, judging by the length of the seatpost, the frame isn't too small at all.
What makes you thinking it is too small for you?

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by cula_ru

The saddle could go up more...
Well I just did another ride this afternoon and yes I think it should be a little bigger.
The handlebar is too small only 400mm it makes me have to hold on up front on the hoods with strength as my hands slip out, it makes my thumb muscle hurt with time, it's uncomfortable this way.
It's very 'nervous' front because of the small handlebar. I'm not very confident with it this way.
I'm very used to my mountain bike with 560mm wide bar and I can fly downhill with confidence compared to this bike.

Then the crankset is 170mm I've always used 175mm, this is not a big big problem but... I think it's better to have the same crank length on all bikes.

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by HakeemT

You shouldn't compare MTB bars with road bars. 40cm c-c bars may be on the narrow side (at least they used to be before the current hype) but even with 46cm c-c bars (if you can find them) you will have a different position compared to your MTB setup.
Next to the handlebar size, which is easily changed by just getting a new one, the other things you mention (crank length and height of the saddle) have nothing to do with the size of the frame.

This is not to say this bike is the right size for you, but simply comparing it to your MTB setup is not the right way to go about.

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by tinozee

Longer stem.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Rotating the bars correctly would also help.

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by cula_ru

Probably a 46cm c-c handlebar would be good for me, at least 44. who told me to get a bike without trying one first? :P my fault also but
I think the canyon lady in my country is not a bike expert because at first she recommended the size S when ordering,
now she said "its clearly small, and changing the handlebars/stem/cranks wouldn't be enough to fit the bike" COME ON LADY AND CANYON! get your sh^^ together!!!

what's the more frequent handlebar size road bikers are using now?
How should it be correctly rotated/ positioned?


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by KWalker

Also running the saddle correctly would help keep your weight centered as opposed to falling forward and off the bike.
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by tinozee

KWalker has a really good point. The tilted down saddle can make you slide down and forward putting mmore forward pressure on the hands.

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by cula_ru

yep, those small correction could help a little but I don't think It'll solve the problem...
I would need to change bars, maybe the stem too and the crankset.
I could swap for lighter parts and save some weight, but that will cost money, I don't want to spend more money in a bike that has already great components, they just need to be the right size :)
I need to see what canyon says and replace the bike all together.
Anyone know how the returns/replacements works?


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by jsprbcn

1st road bike and an SLX... well done!

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by tinozee


I agree it's a bummer if it doesn't fit out of the box, but what you really don't want is to upsize the whole bike and then find that the frame is too big. That looks like a 90mm stem. I would really try a longer stem like a 120mm before changing the frame size. A smaller frame and long stem is way better than the reverse.

Also short cranks are preferred by a lot of fast spinners, even tall ones.

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by jekyll man


I'd say that generally the size predictor goes the other way ie sizes upwards...

From your pic I'd say that your seat is already too high. If its having to be tilted like that, you can't reach either the bars or pedals properly. Set up needs more work before saying its the bikes fault. Start with the saddle being level, and at the correct height. Then think about stem change.
Canyon are pretty good on that. Turn around was just a few days for me

As for bars and crank length, these are determined by average size for persons that require that size bike. You'd get them on pretty much whatever make...
Longer cranks are the norm on mtbs for the increased leverage they provide.
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by Pharmstrong

So that is a size S then? What are you measurements?

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by micropox

cula_ru wrote:hello guys

Finally got my first road bike! And it's a canyon! And it's awesome!! :D
But as I don't understand much about road bikes geometry I trusted the frame size recommended by canyon PPS system and the bike feels a little too small for me :(
The lady at the service centre is not helping much and she'll only be available for contact in 5 days! wtf???! :evil: :evil:

Well I just need to ask if you have any experience exchanging a canyon bike for a different size or model.
How is it processed? Do we have to pay anything if the bike was ridden?
Do we have to wait a lot? (I already waited 4 months for this incorrectly suggested bike size) I don't want to wait another 4... :roll:
Looking at the delivery times for new ordered bikes I could only get the bike in mid august... oh no :(


more detailed pics please :lol:

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by mattyb95

Also how tall are you and what does your inseam measure might help for a better overall picture.

Just my experience when I bought my CF frame, the size predictor said 56cm but when I compared it with my current bike, the top tube was going to be too short. Have heard the predictor only really takes leg length into account and that seems the case for me too as I have a 31.5" inside leg but stand 6' so have a proportionally longer back which meant the 56cm would have been fine at the saddle but too short in length so I went for the 58cm in the end which fits perfectly.

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