Zipp FC 404 vs Enve 3.4 SES

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by thisisatest

How was the hub flange failure not a warranty? Did you drop the chain behind the cassette?

by Weenie

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by drmutley

civdic wrote:I have mixed reviews on the zipps. I had a set of 303s with the 188 hubs and had two issues. The first was I had a free hub seize approximately 4 months after I bought them. That was fixed under warranty. Second issue was a broken drive side hub flange which was not covered under warranty. LBS worked to get hub replaced but was unsuccessful. I needed wheels for a trip and waited 3 months without a replacement. I got tired of waiting and cut the spokes and got the LBS to lace the wheel up to a Alchemy ORC. Way way better combination. I haven't had a problem with the front wheel.

I bought a new set of wheels a year ago and went with Alchemy hubs and Enve 45s and couldn't be happier. I'd by zipp rims again but I would never lace it to a zipp hub. All zipps technology is in the rims.

I had 2 x 188 hubs fail at the drive side flange ( ripped 4 spokes away, both causing frame damage) and both were replaced under warranty... Was a pain in the ass dealing with the Zipp Distributors here in Australia however... Customer satisfaction certainly isn't their strong suit... I'd never buy another set of zipp wheels again purely for this reason

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by 1415chris

Speaking on that note, it would be nice to have some statistics showing the number of failed wheels compared to the number of sold by these two MFRs.
We are hearing here that Zipps have more issues, but isn't it just the game of numbers.
I presume that the number of people using Zipps is significantly higher than those who possess Enve, isn't it?

Personally I wouldn't mind to go either Zipp or Enve way. Over here, in the UK, it's much sensible, especially now with good deals, to go for Zipp. Enve rims are just in ridiculous prices, £800 vs £556 (us) :doh: For example set of 303 or 404 (tubes) you can get for below £1400.

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by civdic

thisisatest wrote:How was the hub flange failure not a warranty? Did you drop the chain behind the cassette?

Hub broke and the wheel pressed against the brake. It was at the start of a climb, I was seated. Nothing out of the ordinary. No chain drop.

My LBS only had campy spec'd hubs at the time. They ordered me a Shimano/SRAM freehub and installed it. Zipp gave me a hard time initially because the wheels were originally campy and when I sent them in for warranty repair they were Shimano. They claimed that I had the wheels rebuilt with a different zipp hub. Total BS. In the end I ran out of time and patience and had the wheel rebuilt with a properly designed hub.

Like I said earlier I have nothing against the rims, I just don't think the hubs are quality.

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by LionelB

I also had lots of problems with my 404 hubs (2005 model iirc) that I bought new. I sold them because I got tired of having to constantly tweak the hubs. I keep on reading every year that Zipp hubs are now very good but I have heard that for 10 years now. I am not willing to take the risk on Zipp again as they let down once.... So many other options that I do not see the point.

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by xrs2

My Zipp hubs on 2012 Firecrest 303s seem perfectly fine to me.

But I do like my Enve 3.4s a lot better, because I got to choose a light, reliable hub instead of being stuck with a manufacturer's choice.

Zipp get with the program and sell just rims for custom builds. Oh yeah, make your stickers less ugly too.

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by spud

years ago I wrecked a 404 in a crash. Sent it back to Zipp for a rebuild, got it back on a Friday and had a race the next day. I foolishly mounted a tubular tire to it, then discovered the wheel had a big hop in it (shipping box was in perfect condition). Since I had already mounted the tire, I tried to true the wheel up to make it usable, but no go.

Sent it back and I couldn't believe the grief I got from the warranty people. They finally made good after a lot of back and forth, including threats, but they sure didn't make a friend with that encounter.

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by liketoride

does anyone know what the rim of the 404fc weights? i cannot find that info out.

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by MattSoutherden

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by liketoride

thank you

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by da123

Agreed with the general sentiment on Zipp hubs. My 303 hubs consistently worked loose, requiring adjustment after virtually every ride, especially on the rear. The solution I was given when contacting Zipp was to locktight the preload adjuster, which did work but seems inappropriate for such a high cost product. The rear hub then seized (admittedly after a very wet ride) and I had to have the bearings replaced.

In the end I got fed up and had the wheels rebuilt around Tune hubs, which have been perfect.

In terms of flex, I had brake rub with the Zipp hubs / rims on the rear, but none with the Tune build. As noted elsewhere however, this is not necessarily evidence either way.

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